05 September 2014

Blogging update

hi friends!

did you think I forgot about you? Did you forget about me?

This is my confession: I've been extremely scared to blog. Terrified. I have had four sweet blogging/twin mama friends of mine, have their sweet babies pictures taken from their blog and used to make other accounts/blogs/Facebook pages. Disgusting, right? So, being the anxious mama I am, I stopped blogging cold turkey. One part of me is thankful I did it and the other part is kicking myself for not figuring out a solution sooner and documenting my babes lives here, for them, for me and for you.

BUT --- I have figured out a way to keep my babes safe and still blog. A few changes happening here:
1. A new blog layout/design is in the works! Exciting
2. None of my pictures will be able to be copied on her. The right click button has been disabled. So, for all my family members who like to save the pictures off of here, I am SO sorry :( I just can't handle the creeps that are out to mimic bloggers families and lives.
3. There will be legal verbiage at the bottom of each post about stealing pictures from this blog and using them in any other way.

I am so so so excited to start blogging again and having a space to document Grayson and Greer.

So, I will be back here more often now! Updating you on what has been going on around these parts (if you don't already follow me on Instagram) and was is new around here!

Happy to be back and be comfortable once again!

I leave you with a few recent pictures of the littles!

Can you believe they are almost ONE?! I think I have cried every day, at least once, for the past ten days just thinking about it.


*all pictures from this blog are property of this blog. Any unauthorized use of these pictures will result in legal actions.