30 November 2012

Fridays Letters

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Adam :: You rocked my world this week (minds out of the gutter please readers) when you not only got me another DVR for upstairs from Directv but also Directv On Demand, you just made my year! Have a great time on your trip *wink* So excited for us both to be home next week and start our 25 days of Christmas! You're going to so sick on red, green, fake snow, Christmas music (actually this isn't possible) lights, movies and Santa! Actually I hope you're not sick of it, but you might kill me with all the fun I have in store! I love you, to the moon.
International HBC Show :: no tricks up your sleeve please:) smooth sailing for a first timer?! please and thank you!
Christmas Cards :: get ready! You're the first thing I am going to do when I get home next week, we have lots of stuffing, sealing and stamping to do!
Dear NHL/Players :: Please come to an agreement. This is no fun, I need my shopping privileges back and fast!
Weather :: You're gorgeous, but can you drop the temp just a little, I need to be wearing flannel pajamas for Christmas!
Michael Buble :: Thank you for your lovely serenade everyday while I work. Besos!
SNL :: I loved your Christmas edition Wednesday night. HOWEVER, the one skit I was looking forward to, you not only played last, but cut off the best parts. I hope to little baby Jesus that you replay that skit sometime this season. Mary Catherine Gallagher just isn't the same without stepping in front of Whitney Houston to lip sync Little Drummer Boy.
Happy Friday chickens!

29 November 2012

Blog Overhaul


The Nest the Laws Built is getting a full overhaul! I am very excited about all the changes coming! I'll still be blogging up until the change is offically made.
Stay tuned for the big reveal sometime next week!
Until then . . .


28 November 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

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Linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for an Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday.
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Happy pinning!

27 November 2012

The Laws' 25 Days of Christmas


This picture started this idea. It was taken the year Adam and I met and we had just become friends. We decided to do something "Christmasy" each day. This day was clearly Starbucks Holiday drink day and put an obnoxious blow up Santa outside his house!

Every year I try and get the most out of Christmas I can, and the past few years I have failed to do all the fun things I had planned to do. Well this year, I am making a list and making big plans. Here is the list (as I have it now) ::

The Laws’ 25 Days of Christmas

1. Watch Prancer
2. Starbucks Holiday Drink Date
3. Bring donations to Metropolitan Ministries
4. Dress Campbell up for Christmas Card sticker picture
5. Watch Elf
6.Send out our Christmas Cards
7. Put our lights up outside
8. Go to Busch Gardens Christmas Town
9. Spend a day at the beach in December (since we are in FL and can)
10. Watch Home Alone 1 & 2
11. Go to a church service leading up to Christmas
12. Watch Christmas Vacation
13. Go Christmas Shopping
14. Go to Lowry Park Zoo's Wild Wonderland to see the Reindeer, lights and penguins
15. Go to MGM's Osbourne Family Christmas Light Display (and ride Tower or Terror a few times against Adam's wishes)
16. Go to a matinee movie at Cine Bistro
17. Watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
18. Bake Cookies
19. Watch the Polar Express
20. Christmas Dog "Pawty" at Hyde Park Village ( and get Cam's picture with Santa)
21. Go to Celebration's Now Snowing and dinner
22. ICE at Gaylord Palms
23. Wrap presents
24. Go to Christmas Eve service at St. Lukes
25. Epcot's Holiday's Around The World and Candlelight Processional
*Spend Christmas Day soaking up all the family time we can* 
The first couple of these I plan on doubling up on other days because I am gone the first few days in December for work. But hey, I can wrap presents while watching a movie :) The movies are actually being shown on those days on ABC Family click here to find their schedule.
Hope this gives out a few fun ideas for Christmas celebrations!

26 November 2012

My Holiday Weekend

Our Thanksgiving weekend was great! We had my Mom, Mammaw, brother and Adam's sister over for Thanksgiving. It was our first time hosting and it was a SUCCESS!!!We had a great time cooking and eating all day! Then Friday we took off to Tallahassee for the Florida State/Florida game. We did not come home happy campers, but we had a great time with all of our friends! The tailgate was amazing, we had great weather, great food and a little bit of slapping the bag (picture below, thanks for the inspiration Raquel) Here are some pictures from the weekend!


How was your Thanksgiving? Ready for Christmas yet? The Laws have started decorating!!!

23 November 2012

Fridays Letters

Day 23: Today I am thankful for every member of my family:)

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Adam :: I loved hosting our first Thanksgiving yesterday together. You were such a great help! Excited to get to Tallahassee tonight to hopefully watch your Noles bring home a win!
Mom, Mammaw, Tanner, Court :: We loved having you over for Thanksgiving yesterday, you were the perfect guests!
Tanner :: I special little note to you: thank you for being my sous chef yesterday, I couldn't have done it without you. I'm sure you loved spending your 24th birthday helping me out, I appreciate it.
Gentlemen and Wives Club :: I can't wait to see you all tonight and spend our last weekend of the year together. Also excited for the awesome weather we will have. GO NOLES!
KK - I missed you yesterday.
Florida State Seminoles :: Please pull off a win tomorrow! I would like a happy ride home on Sunday:)
have a great holiday weekend!

22 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Day 22:: Today I am thankful for my family. Every single person in it. Today I get to spend Thanksgiving with six members of both of our families and for that, I am extremely grateful.

I am hosting Thanksgiving this year, my first time ever. I am so excited! Here is what I am serving...
I hope you are all with the people you love today.
Happy Thanksgiving!

21 November 2012

November 21, 2009

Day 21: Today I am thankful for my amazing husband. Today we are celebrating three years of marriage and I could not imagine a better person to be spending the rest of my life with. My world begins and ends with him.


Cheers to the man of my dreams! The one who makes me laugh on a daily basis, pushes me to be the best person I can be, is there for me when I'm not, and wants the best for me always. I love you to the ends of the earth and I couldn't imagine one second of my life without you in it. Thank you for being the man I've always wanted and the husband most dream about.

20 November 2012

My Christmas Playlist

Day 20 : Today I am thankful for Christmas music . . .

I have been playing Christmas music for the past two weeks. Is there anything truly better than Christmas music all day long? It literally gets me through everyday. I love finding new Christmas songs and cherish my oldies that I grew up with.

I've complied a list that is currently on repeat in my house. Again a mix of old and new. NOW, with that being said, let me preface that I grew up in Orlando, the town of boy bands and pop music, so a lot of this pop. Give me a break, my neighbor was Justin Timberlake (while he was dating Britney) when I was young and I was a regular in the audience of The Mickey Mouse Club watching JT, Britney and Christina when they were children. They hold a special place in my heart, so go easy on my "poppy" Christmas.
Here is my 2012 Playlist:
Colbie Calliat - Mistletoe
*NSYNC - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You
Brian McKnight ft. Vince Gill - Christmas You + Me
Michael Buble - White Christmas (His whole CD should be on this list)
Kelly Clarkson - Grown Up Christmas List
Aretha Franklin - O Christmas Tree
Celine Dion - Don't Save It All For Christmas Day
Andrea Bocelli - I Believe
Lady Antebellum - Baby Its Cold Outside
Straight No Chaser - Jingle Bell Rock
Whitney Houston - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
She + Him - Christmas Waltz
Amy Grant - Love Has Come
Luke Bryan - Run Run Rudolph
Christina Aguilera - This Christmas
Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song
Michael Buble - Cold December Night
Faith Hill  - Where Are You Christmas
Jason Mraz - Winter Wonderland
Josh Groban - Thankful
The Beach Boys - Little Saint Nick
Celine Dion - These Are The Special Times
Michael Bolton - Joy To The World
Elvis and Martina McBride - Blue Christmas
Lady Gaga - Christmas Tree
Britney Spears - My Only Wish (This Year)
Trans Siberian Orchestra - Carol of the Bells
What you wont see on the list . . . " Do You Hear What I Hear." I desperately wanted to put Carrie Underwood on here, but this is the only song she has out for Christmas and I just can't stand that song. ( I know, awful to hate a Christmas song)
Enjoy, chickens!

19 November 2012

plane bound south

Headed back south today! Big week ahead. I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year, have I mentioned that?! Very exciting times at The Laws Nest! And we have a big football weekend coming up for our household...

18 November 2012

countdown to 25

No, I'm not turning 25 . . . I wish! But today starts Disney/ABC's countdown to their 25 Days of Christmas!!!!
Today through November the 30th ABC Family will be showing movies to get everyone in the holiday spirit! Their actual 25 Days of Christmas starts December 1!
Here is the link to the countdown schedule !
Movies I am looking forward to on this countdown schedule include:
*Miracle on 34th Street
* Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory
*The Blind Side
* Mary Poppins
*Eloise at Christmastime
*Home Alone
*Richie Rich
*A Boy Named Charlie Brown
Some of these movies might just set me back to being 5 years aold again. I know "kids these days" haven't seen a lot of these, so I am so excited ABC Family is showing them. There must be someone "my age" behind this idea over at ABC, and I LOVE IT!
Stay tuned next week for my own 25 Days of Christmas for my household and our Christmas Playlist!!!
Enjoy, ya filthy animals!

16 November 2012

Friday Letters

Day 16: Today I am thankful for my sweet little Mammaw. She is easily my favorite person in the world (yes my husband knows this) and every minute I spend with her is so precious! She is the sweetest lady, can make you laugh and will tell you she knows how cute she is. Lots of pictures of our weekend together to come soon!

Adam :: I miss you everyday I'm away. We haven't been apart in almost two months and I was sort of getting used to that. I'm certain you are a bit happy for me to be gone so you can have some peace and quiet around the house, catch up on all your "man" shows and watch all the Sports Center and sports you want. And that's okay:). Just know you're missed. Thank you for the extra time in Ohio with Mammaw, I love that you know how much it means to me. I love you, always. xxoo
Mammaw :: I am so excited to drive to your house today and see you. I'm not even sure when the last time I was there, I know you've been to Florida a few times each year, but I am excited to see you and spend some quality time with you in your town.
Springfield :: I can not contain my excitement for all the dining around I am going to do once I get to you. I told Mammaw not to go grocery shopping as we will probably be eating out every meal!
Scheduling team :: I am so excited I got to see all of you in one spot yesterday. Our team is simply the best, I have never been a part of a better one. I am so excited for the year ahead of us!
Raquel:: I have loved being your roommate for two nights:) missed sleeping with TV's and bathroom lights on! I miss you ever day and wish we lived so much closer. cabsav:)
Jim and JoPo :: Thank you for your wonderful hospitality Wednesday night. Your cocktail hour(s) are the greatest! Hope to see you both soon.... FL Keys?
Delta Airlines :: Thank you for another stellar experience in flying! Your new safety video was funny and takes those first few minute jitters away.
Happy Friday Chickens!

15 November 2012

Christmas Tree Decor

Day 15 : Today I am thankful for my company, co-workers and especially my team. I work for one of the most amazing companies around. I am in Ohio today with a lot of my co-worker for our meetings and holiday party. I get to spend some quality time with my team of 6 wonderful ladies that I love working with and being supported by.

I am in an overhaul mood. I want all new decorations for my tree this year, but I'm stuck on what "theme" I want. I grew up with a whimsical tree, and it was so fun year over year. I just don't know that I have the whimsical eye my Mom does. I would sure love to have a fun tree, but I also am gravitating towards a "mercury" themed tree. I plan on blending silver and gold around the rest of the house, so I put an idea board together....

The tree on the left, is my mercury tree. The "All Is Calm, All Is Bright" banner I made and want those to be on the front of the tree. I originally made these for my mantle but found something cuter to go with my stockings. See, where I am torn is, I love whimsical stockings. Mine are red/white and green/white knit stockings with tan fur on the top, ha!
As I write this I feel like I've made up my mind by typing through it! I also plan on doing this super cute tree on a wall somewhere in the house, more than likely in our kitchen. This could possibly be my "whimsical" decor.
Any suggestions or ideas? places you've seen mercury decor?

14 November 2012

on a plane bound north . . .

Day 14: Today I am thankful for the means of traveling. Travel is my job and hobby, I am so thankful for the many ways of travel and places we have to go in this world.

Good Morning Chickens!
I am on my way to Ohio for the rest of the week! Starting with Cleveland for work meetings and holiday party then to Springfield to see my adorable Mammaw. I still have posts lined up but today, today I travel:)

13 November 2012

SiriusXM Holiday Stations

Day 13: Today I am REALLY thankful that SiriusXM has amazing holiday stations and they go live TODAY!

FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA! I was beyond excited when my husband and brother both confirmed that the rumor, SiriusXM has 8 holiday stations, was true! They released the stations last week and immediately ran out to my car to program them into my dash.
This is my first year with SiriusXM, I recently got a new car after my car of almost 7 years was ready to retire, (that was a hard day in my life) but I will be overjoyed to not have to keep popping CDs in and out of my dash throughout the holidays.
Here are the stations I will be tuning into this season . . .

Here is the link to SiriusXM for all the stations, their descriptions and the channel numbers!
Next week: My Christmas playlist:) I would post it this week, but I feel its just too early, even though I've been listening to Christmas music since last week!

12 November 2012


Day 12: Today I am thankful for Mondays, yes I said it. The dreadful day everyone gives so much grief to, sometimes is my favorite day. (see below)

Poor Monday. It gets so much backlash for being itself. To me, sometimes, Monday is the "reset button." The reset button to the bad week I had before, the eating slip ups had over the weekend and the zen I so frequently lose control of. I believe everyone deserves a reset button, at any time in their life, week, day, whenever. You deserve it when ever and how every many times you need it.
My sister sent me this great quote the other day that I wanted to share. I love to try and find the silver lining in everything (I fail very often at this) but this letter does just that for Monday.

I know today is Monday and you assume it’s going to suck, but according to statistics, there will be over 5,000 weddings, 10,000 childbirths, and 42 million hugs occurring today throughout the United States. Also today, there will be at least 4 people that will win the multimillion dollar lotteries, 600 people will get promotions at work, and 3,000 people will lose their virginity. There will also be 600 dogs adopted, 35,000 balloons sold, and 800,000 skittles eaten. Plus, the words “I love you” will be said over 9 million times. So again, I know today is Monday and you assume it’s going to suck, but just smile, because according to statistics, it should actually be a really nice day.
Cheer to Monday being a reset button and a statistically great day!

09 November 2012

Friday's Letters

Day 9 : Today I am thankful for my house. Adam and I bought our home almost 3 years ago and it as been so good to us. This weekend I will be in full Thanksgiving decorating mode and in two weeks, I'll be decorating it for Christmas. My house at Christmas time is my house in all its glory! Can't wait

Dear Adam :: Congrats on your Seminoles winning last night. You are so much more fun when your team wins.Its a good thing you put both helmets out last night. Can't wait to be in Tallahassee in two weeks, with all of our friends and see them beat the Gators! Also- I am very excited for date night Saturday, even though I know you are WAY more excited.Your Bond obsession is cute:) I love you.
Dear Campbell :: You can stop barking at every little thing, I know you are doing it to protect me because Daddy isn't home, but everything is fine, you can stop.... NOW!
Dear Tanner :: You made my night last night with your text bud! I am programming my SiriusXM Holiday stations in my car TODAY!!!!!!
Dear Mammaw- I am over the moon excited to see you next week after my work trip! You and I are way overdue for some quality "favorite grandchild" time. I love you to pieces.
Dear Friends/Acquaintances on Facebook :: The election is over, stop complaining. Nothing you post is going to change the outcome of this election.This is exactly why we are where we are today, divided. Those of you threatening to move to other countries, go, good luck. I can tell you the Caribbeans health care, economy and leader will be a mighty fine change for you.
Dear Kara :: the above letter is in your honor sister *wink* you're welcome.
Dear Leah :: I can't wait to spend some quality girl time tomorrow, it is much needed.
Dear Raquel :: I am so excited to see you next week. I so badly wish we lived closer, but our million texts and HeyTells have made the time pass easier/quicker since the last time I saw you. #cabsav
Dear Co-Workers :: I can't wait to see all of you in one spot next week and catch up! This is my favorite time of our year:)
Dear Christmas music :: thank you for keeping me company during my work day, especially you Michael Buble:)
::Happy Friday::

08 November 2012

My Little Fur Baby

Day 8: Today I am thankful for my little fur baby, Campbell. She brings so much joy to our house and is the greatest companion to us both.

Adam and I first got Campbell when we were dating, actually when we first started dating, about four months into our relationship. (Which today, I would tell someone they were crazy for doing) Nonetheless, she has been through it all with us, which is why, I believe, she hold such a special place in both of our hearts.

She's my companion all day while I work from home. She lays at my feet, falls asleep to my music, barks at the lawn men, sometimes wants to sleep in between me and the back of my chair, sits perfectly next to me while I eat my lunch at my desk (just in case something falls), falls asleep again and knows just when I need her to jump on my lap and give me some love.

Adam and I (and our families) joke that we are pretty sure she is part human. This little girl, has to have her eyes covered if shes trying to sleep when the sun is out, has to be touching someone almost all the time, knows when an ice cream lid is lifted, knows when she is getting her picture taken and sleeps just like we do, in our kind size bed, head on the pillow body under the covers.

She is such a joy and I can not possibly imagine life without her.

Happy Thursday!


07 November 2012

::The Fresh 20::

:: Day 7: Today I am thankful for The Fresh 20::
Good Morning!
Today my thankfulness shout out goes to The Fresh 20, and let me tell you why. At the beginning of this year I started on a journey towards a healthier me. I saw a number on the scale I was VERY unfamiliar with. I also wasn't happy with the way I looked.
In January I started working out with a personal trainer and health coach, they both helped me with my eating habits and helping me to start educating myself about whole/clean foods. My little brother is also a huge advocate of healthy, whole foods and has helped push me in that direction. Through all my research on whole food eating/living, I came across The Fresh 20.
The Fresh 20 is a meal planning service. It was founded by a wife/mother Melissa Lanz, who was sick of feeding her family take out and wanted to bring healthy/whole eating back to her dinner table.
I have an annual subscription, I bought a Groupon for it, but I think the yearly cost is around $50, you can also sign up for a 3-month plan to try it out. But let me tell you, its worth EVERY penny!
On Friday afternoons I receive an e-mail from The Fresh 20 letting my know the weekly menu is up on the site. I log into my account and there, listed under this weeks date is 5 meals, a shopping list and the nutritional information for all 5 meals. Each ingredient you buy, is typically used at least twice through out the week.    ::this I love, because before I found The Fresh 20, I would use an ingredient and then it would sit in the fridge until I tossed it::
I've made things I, #1 never thought I would make and #2 never thought I would eat. I mean, for a girl who gags at raw chicken, they had me roasting two chickens a few weeks ago, and I was pretty proud of myself!
Everything is delicious! I have the CLASSIC menu which consists of 3 meat meals, 1 seafood and 1 vegetarian meal. I'm not a huge fan of seafood, so on that meal, they show how to substitute with chicken. The other two menus are Gluten Free and Vegetarian.
I never have to think "what should we do for dinner", I don't have to go to the store 5 times during the week and I don't have to worry about whats going into my body because everything is a whole food/ingredient, nothing processed.
I typically drive to Whole Foods on Sunday, get everything on the list, and I'm even able to make a few things ahead of time on Sunday to save me time during the week. (the first page of the menu tells you what you can make ahead).
They have made my life loads easier and healthier, and for that, I am thankful!
If you are interested in this program, please visit The Fresh 20 here.
I'll leave you with what I made for dinner this week, whole wheat cinnamon pancakes with apple/cranberry topping...wooo weeee! Breakfast for dinner:)