31 December 2012

a year in review 2012

I would give 2012 mixed reviews. And the only reason its "mixed" and not awful, is because I try and see the best in everything. 2012 was my most challenging year yet and challenging is an understatement, but what I've learned in my years, is having "tomorrow" makes everything great. My blog in 2013 will be geared towards what I've learned in my 20's and the kind of person I want to be in my 30's. Since that day is approaching quickly {May 5} I want to dedicate a weekly post to that big change in age I am coming up to.
Here is my year in an instagram review!
 I decided to combine these two, as for me I feel like I didn't exist in these two months, ha! January and February were my most challenging for work by far, but I learned the most and it helped me to be better in my position today! We celebrated Cami's 5th birthday in January, I also traveled to Miami for work. February, one of Adam's cousins got married at a beautiful winery in Charlottesville, VA, I also traveled to Vegas for work the week after (me throwing away/destroying my grid after the end to my first big show)

Cousins came into town for Spring Break from Indiana, we met them at the beach, traveled to Atlanta for work and my bf and I got hypnotized (her more than me), we watched FLA State in March madness, and celebrated Bre's baby shower!
 Sebastian Gramatica arrived!!!! :: we celebrated our last year in our twenties at the Ritz Carlton in Amelia Island :: it took Dr. Pepper, lots of water and wine to get me through 1st quarter, but I made it! :: Celebrated my Momma turning 57.
 I turned 29, and spent my birthday in Miami with work :: sister-in-law graduated from my alma mater :: went to Ohio for work and got to stay with my BF, Raquel and her sweet sweet parents (we ate, drank and shopped A LOT) :: Hubbs took me to see Lady Antebellum!!! :: I died my hair playboy bunny blonde, never do that again :: and we ended the month with out annual wives and gentleman's club trip to Grayton Beach!
 June was my favorite month, its probably the only reason I would consider this year to be great. We traveled a lot in June! I first went to Miami for work, 2 days later flew to NYC to see my Dad and sister, 2 days after I left there, The Laws clan flew to Seattle, spent a couple of days there, and then set sail to Alaska. This was by far the best trip of my life and I encourage everyone to go if you get the chance . (i also zip lined there, that took courage) We also celebrated Leah's baby shower!
In July I said goodbye to my car of almost 8 years, my wonderful VW Passat. There were tears and more tears, but I ended up with my wonderful Acura MDX that I couldn't love more. Towards the end of July my sweet sweet Pop passed away and made his way to Heaven to be with the love of his life, bittersweet.
Oh August, you and I will forever have a love/hate relationship. August was my hardest month. I'm not quite ready to share why, but will in the coming future. And I promise when I do share, I will share it all. The good things in August however were: 1. My amazing husband, if it wasn't for him, I'm not sure I would have the outlook on this year that I do today. Also, my sweet Avery Grace was born, my friend Leah (Averys mom) is the most deserving of this sweet baby and everything wonderful in life. We also helped my sister with a shoe and school supply drive in Grenada, at a orphanage she used to volunteer at :: and spent sometime healing by the sea.
In September I spent a lot of time healing myself and my soul. Hubbs and I spent a lot of time at the beach and even made a staycation weekend at the Don Cesar. Much needed, and a great weekend!
October brought us back with our FSU friends, we miss them all year long, and love coming back to Florida State to reunite. :: hubbs and I spent back to back weekends at the St. Pete Saturday Morning Market just to get these delicious pops :: I roasted my first whole chicken!!!!
 In November I made my way to Ohio for a work meeting and holiday party {isn't my team the cutest?!}after that I drove to my Mammaw's house spent a little time with her, then brought her back to FLA with me for the holidays :: we celebrated our 3 year anniversary :: Hosted our first Thanksgiving :: and of course, went to the FLA ST/FLA game
December was spent doing lots of "Christmas Things" ::we decked our halls :: my whole family was in town for Christmas, which is my favorite thing about the holiday :: we went Paddle boarding with Uncle Greg, and had a blast::
Well that's a wrap, what a year. I am so looking forward to 2013. A new year, the ultimate restart button. 2012 has left me feeling more prepared for the new year, for work, for health, love, and turning 30. I thought I would dread coming into this year, but I don't feel an ounce of that. This year has taught me just how grateful I am for my amazing husband, wonderful family and close friends.
Here is to a beautiful new year.


25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas!
Thanks for following along!


20 December 2012

It's OK

It’s OK . . .
that I haven't completed half of what I wanted to do for the 25 Days of Christmas
that I am addicted to Homeland, and its all I want to watch at night
that I am having nightmares from Homeland
that I am taking a week off of work
that Christmas sort of makes me nervous
that I spent over my budget for Christmas gifts
that I might not take my Christmas decorations down until February
that I haven't had a full glass of water in 5 days
that I think Vitamin water counts as water
that I've slowed down on my blogging
that I ordered 8 candles from Bath and Body works, they were on sale
that Campbell barks every day at the same time when Adam opens the garage door
that when Adam warps my gifts I might unwrap them a little because I hate surprises (yes I was that kid)
that I still cry every time a Sandy Hook report comes on
that I am sick of cooking dinner
that this is my last Christmas in my twenties
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19 December 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

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yea - i'm in need of some home inspiration, ha!
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Good Morning readers!
I first heard about Darling Magazine from a blog I follow, Thoughts by Natalie. Natalie happens to be the Managing Editor/Writer for Darling Magazine and gave a description of what the magazine is all about and what you will find inside. I researched through articles they have on their website and quickly found myself relating to the articles. So I purchased a copy of the winter edition. At $20 an issue, I didn't want to buy a whole subscription until I had looked through one.
Let me tell you, I am now asking for a subscription for Christmas! I am only about 10 pages in and completely connected to everything about this magazine.
Darling Magazine's tag line is "the art of being a woman" and touches on all the hats that women wear:
The Dreamer
The Stylist
The Achiever
The Confidant
The Hostess
The Beautician
The Intellectual
The Explorer
I can put on almost all of these "hats" in some aspect of my life. I know about 25 women that would benefit from this magazine and I wish I could buy them each a copy. If you are a woman that has a handful of roles you play in your life, buy a copy of this wonderful magazine
I thought I would pass along my thoughts about Darling, a magazine that puts you in a good place in your life, pushes you to do your best and makes you feel empowered as a woman and the woman you are.
Happy Reading!  

17 December 2012

Sandy Hook

"Let the little children come to me, Jesus said, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of Heaven" Matthew 19:14
Good Morning!
I woke up this morning with my heart still heavy over the enormous tragedy on Friday. I woke up thinking of every teacher going into work today that will look at their students differently. Every student, child who is terrified to go to school this week (I was that child). I can't even put into words how I felt on Friday and all weekend.
There have been a lot of pictures, statements and quotes going around on the Internet and especially Facebook. One in particular pulled at my heart strings, the quote from Morgan Freeman (that he now denies he said or ever wrote) regardless if he or anyone else said it or wrote it, part of the statement made sense to me.
He or She wrote about how every shooter, whether it be Columbine, Colorado movie theatre or Gabby Giffords shooter, we know their names and faces, they are practically household names. But (besides Gabby Gifford) no one can name one victims name or could tell them a part from anyone else in a picture. The killers are the ones always talked about, always in the news and the ones that seem to be talked about and looked in to the most. It is time we start remembering the victims and their names and faces, and tell about their lives.
So with that being said I leave you with some of the 28 sweet, precious faces and names.
Keep these sweet babies and teachers and their families in your hearts, thoughts and prayers this holiday season. I'm sure most of them already had gifts under the tree waiting for them and their lists made out for Santa.
(via : msn.com)
(via: newyorktimes.com)

14 December 2012

New Blog and Fridays Letters

Good Friday Morning!
Welcome to the brand, spankin' new Nest design! So excited to have something a bit more my style.
*a little side note:: this looks best on Apple products, as that's what it is designed on. Some of the Internet Explorer editions don't support all the details of this blog. So to see this gal in all her beauty, view on a Apple of some sort (computer, iPad, iPhone)
Now, on to Friday's letters . . . .
AJL :: So excited Christmas is almost here! This time of the year is so magical and I am the luckiest girl in the world to spend every Christmas with you. I love you.
Christmas cards :: Boy did you pull one over on me this week. You were "good to go" until I realized I had licked and sealed half of you without inserting the actual card. ordering 35 additional envelopes set me back a whole week. You-1, Me-0
Delta Airlines :: I cheated on you yesterday, I'm sorry. American had the only non stop, in and out flights to Dallas. But let me tell ya, karma came a knockin'. I now remember why I chose you as my airline:) never again... promise!
Campbell :: Little girl - I first giggled when your Vet recommended you see a Doggie Dermatologist. Even though I am for everything Dog related, this even took me for a loop. However, after our visit this week, I LOVE your dermatologist. I know she going to make you feel so much better and keep you from being miserable for the rest of your life. Love, Momma..... oh p.s. these two visits are costing us $1,200.00, Merry Christmas :)
Homeland :: you are my new favorite show, so glad sister and Ty introduced you to us. WE ARE ADDICTED! We can't wait to get caught all the way up so we can talk to all our other "Homelanders" about you!
Kath/MomL :: You were so sweet to remember Kara and Tyler on their anniversary. KK was so excited to receive a Crate and Barrel box yesterday. You are the greatest mother in law a girl could ask for. Thank you for always remembering me, my family and everyone in your life. You're an amazing example!
Christmas gifts :: you are so much fun to wrap! I am finally caught up on wrapping and look forward to no more late nights. Now, I will just wrap you as you arrive!
Lesley :: You are an amazing boss, and great friend. Thank you for all your help this year in getting me through my first full year of scheduling. I feel accomplished as the year comes to a close because of your guidance. Thank you for always having our backs and making us a great team! Crossing my fingers for an early baby Rowan arrival!
Online shopping :: Thank GOD for you. You are how I did 98% of my Christmas shopping this year. I've only gone to the mall once. You are Heaven sent.
Have a great weekend everyone!
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12 December 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting

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Happy 12/12/12 !!!
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10 December 2012


1. Christmas lights down our favorite street in Tampa//2. We are sponsoring a dog for Christmas through the Humane Society, this is our girl// 3. Boom Chicka Pop, the best snack ever!//4.Black Bubbles, my go to fizzy at a local restaurant// 5. Rehydrate
Happy Monday!
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07 December 2012

Fridays Letters

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Adam :: Very excited to have a weekend together this weekend! Full of a lot of Christmasing and a massage... mmmm can't wait!
Christmas Shopping :: you are DONE! Did ya hear that?! DONE!!!!!!!! Yes, this is the first time in my life I have tackled you in the first week of December! Now I get to enjoy the month of December and all the magic it brings!
KK :: Words can NOT express how excited I am to see you in a few weeks, 6 months is far, far too long.
Mammaw :: Thank you so much for looking after my little fur baby this week while I was at my show. She loves you so much, and so do I!
House :: you look so pretty with all your decorations up. They make you a little more cozy and lively, I wish I could keep them up all year long!
Happy Friday!
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05 December 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

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Winterizing your pups
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04 December 2012

My Go To Apps

I have a lot of favorite apps on my iPhone, but notice I use a handful more frequesntly. Here are the apps that make my everyday easier and more fun . . .
:: Etsy :: I can browse through this to find a quick gift at my fingertips. (and can also track all my purchases and conversations with sellers without having to go on the site, dont tell my hubby about the purchases part)
:: Starbucks :: This app is great for storing all my Starbucks giftcards on, and also gaining stars towards my Starbucks rewards
:: Relax Melodies :: Ahhhhh . . . my sound machine on the go. This app has help put me to sleep in many noisey hotels. I also use it at home if I can't sleep, it works wonders. (there is also a sleep timer on this so you can set it up to shut off whatever time you want)
:: Swirl :: My new fav app! A friend recently introduced me to it, but I can't remember who. Swirl lets you keep track of your favorite stores and what sales and promo codes they are currently running. I check this before I buy anything online or walk into a store.
:: Bloglovin' :: Another recent addition that has made travel and my "on-the-go" life entertaining. This holds all the blogs I follow in one place. In one click I have all recent posts of my favorite blogs at my fingertips. * If you currently have a blog, register your blog here so if other followers use this they can add yours to their list*
:: OpenTable :: With the OpenTable app, I can find a restaurant close by when traveling and can see the reservation times they have available. I also use it at home in Tampa so I don't have to actually call and make a reservation. I know lazy B!
:: Instagram :: This will end up going down into one of my all time favorite apps. I love pictures, and love looking at pictures. This helps me keep up with all my friends and family I don't see or talk to all the time. I probably check this app 5 times a day!
:: Delta :: I am a Delta Airlines girl! I love Delta. It is the one airline I have NEVER had problems on. And after coming back to my traveling job, I hit status two years ago again, and frequently get upgraded, check my bags for free, and cut the security line. This app tells me instantly if i got upgraded, if my gate changes, if my flight is delayed, if its OVERLY delayed it lets me pick a new flight right then and there. Also, i use the boarding pass portion of this app to save paper:)
:: Pinterest :: The one app I could spend hours upon hours on. The Pinterest app has made waiting to board plans, riding in cabs and waiting for all other sorts of stuff, not so bad.
:: Bank of America :: For obvious reasons I love having my bank at my finger tips. Being able to literally do EVERYTHING besides withdrawal money from it, makes my life so easy!
:: Pandora :: Pandora has gotten me through running from gate to gate in airports, has been my company on workouts and runs and is sometimes my entertainment while i plug away on the grid.
:: Facebook :: I should just say DUH to this one. :)
::GateGuru :: Another app that makes my travel world easy, breezy. As soon as I open this app, it finds what airport I'm in and in what terminal I'm in and gives me a list of restaurants and stores near me. Now i don't have to troll around the airport looking for somewhere to plop down and eat.
:: Genius Scan :: My on-the-go scanner. I use this to keep track of all my receipts for work that i need to expense. I get home and just e-mail them all to my finance guy.
:: HeyTell :: I've tried to get better about texting and driving....i know i know, i don't need a lecture, i get about five a day. Hey Tell lets me just talk to whoever I'm texting and they talk back. And sometimes its just nice to hear someones voice..... eh hem : Raquel
:: ESPN Scorecenter :: ESPN's Scorecenter lets me make a list of the teams I follow of a variety of sports and alerts me on my phone when my teams score when I can't be somewhere to actually watch the game. Ohio State, Florida State, and Tampa Bay Lightning (not right now....grrrr) are top on my list:)
Any other life altering apps out there I should be aware of?
Happy Monday chickens!