16 September 2013

33 Weeks


{have I mentioned how sweet my nurses are? Its a mini celebration and praise every time I hit a new week in my pregnancy. I am hoping to stay on this floor with the littles after my C-section, I'm not sure what I would do without these women}

How far along: 33 weeks, 6 days

Weight gain/loss: last post said they hadn’t weighed me since I’d been here. Apparently they did the first day I was here, but I was too much of a train wreck to remember. Whoops. When I checked in they had me at 164, this week they weighed me and I was 161. Lost 3 pounds, didn’t even know that was possible.

Maternity clothes: Wearing lots of yoga pants and sweaters here in the hospital

Sleep: not good, at all. The boys are getting so big that they are fighting for space. I spend a few nights a week sleeping sitting up. Otherwise whichever side I am laying on, pisses off that baby and they let me have it.

Best moment this week: Hubby getting to stay they whole weekend with me (even nights) Thank God for my brother staying at my house with Campbell. He’s been such a huge help!
We also got to tour the NICU since we had so many "what if" questions. It's an amazing unit here. I feel much better if my boys have to go there. I also got to meet with a neonatologist this morning, who went through a lot with me. He gave me scenarios if the boys were to come tomorrow, or 35 weeks or 36 weeks. He was extremely helpful. He also told me about the circus that will be in my operating room during my C-section. The boys alone each have their own team, consisting of a Neonatologist, a nurse practioner and 2-3 nurses.... PER BABY! Place that on top of my two surgeons, anesthesiologist, and how ever many nurses I get. That's at least 15 people... hopefully less room for error.

Food cravings: Nothing really. I am starting to eat smaller snacks now instead of meals since I am running out of room.

Food aversions: none.

Movement: Lots of movement. My nurses laugh at them all the time, especially during monitoring because they are wiggle worms.

Gender: MY BOYS!

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, really uncomfortable, anxiety, and stress.

Miss anything: My house, dog, bed and time with hubby.

Looking forward to: October. Every time a nurse changes the date on my white board, it’s a day closer to seeing my boys! And I get to go home!!!!

  Baby/Momma Update:

  Baby update

 We had a sono on Thursday. My cervix was t a 2.6 which is better but went down to a 2.4/2.5 with pressure.

The boys look awesome though. They are both growing, have great heart rates and their fluid levels are both great! Excited to see what they weigh in less than 2 weeks, on their measurement sono.

 Momma update

Momma had a rough week. I was super anxious all week. I kept/keep having these thoughts that something is going to happen to me. I hear so much about previa patients bleeding out or hemorrhaging, which scares the shit out of me.

I talked to one of my OB’s that came in the day after a really bad night. He started talking about putting me on something to ease the anxiety. I told him I got off my anxiety medicine a year before I got pregnant and worked really hard to get off of it, and that the last thing I wanted to do was get back on something. Then I told him I just needed to hear that what I was feeling was normal and he said “absolutely, with as much as you have on your plate” He then went into his wife having to be on hospital bed rest for 10 weeks and that he understands the only thing to do in this room is think, and that can be hard as you can start thinking of anything.

The next morning my fave female OB came in and mentioned she saw I was having a little anxiety and I went through the whole thing with her. She was maternal about the whole thing and gave me the extra love I needed, and told me it was completely normal and that I was in extremely good hands and had next to nothing to worry about. (as she rubbed my legs and my belly) she’s the sweetest.

Tonight (Monday) had a pain behind my knee and got extremely flush and hot. My night nurse, sweet Ms. Rita, assessed me and then called my on call OB. They sent me down for an ultrasound on my leg but everything came back normal, no blood clots. Needless to say, I’ll be sleeping better tonight. { Blood clots are a huge concern with multiples pregnancies and bed rest, you go from walking round a good bit to hardly walking at all, with about 10+ pounds of human in your belly}

 Sorry this post is so late. I was enjoying the weekend with my hubby being here that I completely forgot!



  1. New to your blog. Such exciting time for you!

  2. Hi! I found your blog through Leah, and just wanted to tell you I've been thinking of you in these last few weeks! I too, am expecting twin boys (fraternal) in January, and can sympathize with what you're going through. Hospital-bed rest and a slew of other scary-sound things have been thrown my way, and I'm thankful to have your blog as a reference. Hope these last few weeks are quick for you, and that your stay in the hospital is peaceful. Can't wait to hear the news once they are here! Congrats!!