21 October 2013

My last 2 weeks in the Hospital

As I sit here watching my two littles sleep, I am immediately drawn to how thankful I am for all my amazing doctors, nurses and my husband who got me through my last few weeks of pregnancy. It was full of all kinds of emotions and fears. It took a lot of talks and discussions from all three sources to get me calm for my surgery and bringing my two miracles into the world.
I sat in that hospital room thinking of everything. Mostly anything bad that could happen. And then I would make a doctor, a nurse or my husband tell me how unlikely these situations were. But my mind went "there" about 10 times a day. My doctors all said it was totally normal. I was in a small room for far too long and the only thing I had to do there was think.
I wish I would have known everything would have turned out fine and that I would be the happiest I'd ever been in my entire life. I wish I could have enjoyed those past 2 weeks. But that's my personality, the worrier.
My last 2 weeks in the hospital I spent getting all the information I could on what my C-section was going to be like, what recovery was like, how to take care of my babies, how to breastfeed, anything and everything, I tried to absorb. My nurses were simply amazing at educating me on anything and everything. I know I've said it before in past posts from the hospital but my nurses were wonderful. There are still times now when I wish I could go back to my little room and pick their brains and see their faces. Their faces brought a sense of calm to me. As a matter of fact, some of them have become my friends and check in on me weekly.

Here is a picture the night before my surgery of my belly (I was huge) :

(I'm actually wearing this same outfit right now as I type this. Only my maternity cami has turned into a nursing tank)
My mom and sister came into town Thursday September 26. They stayed at my house with the dog so Adam could come stay with me in the hospital the nights leading up to my surgery on Tuesday the 1st. They also sterilized bottles, washed baby clothes, made food, did my laundry and got my house baby ready. They were a huge help!
Adam and I spent 5 nights in the hospital talking about our past 7 years together, what are future looked like and fantasized about everything baby. We bonded over it all. Having him there with me at night made for a little less stressful few nights before my surgery.
Three nights before surgery I started getting REALLY anxious, like body shaking nervous. My nurses and doctors wanted me to take Xanex or Ambien to calm down and sleep, but I would take it. I know that a few days before delivery wouldn't harm the boys, but I still didn't want to take them. I hadn't taken ANYTHING medicine wise my whole pregnancy, and I wasn't about to give up now. (not that taking anything is bad, I just didn't want to. After losing my first pregnancy, I didn't want to do anything that may harm them)
The night before my surgery I felt like I had all my questions answered, still terrified, but a lot more calm than the previous nights. My nurse, Amanda (one of my faves and new friends) came in to put my IV in before her shift was up. She would be back in the morning to be with me my day of surgery. I needed her, and she was there before and the day of. My night nurse, Cindy (another fave), came in and out throughout the night switching out my IV's. I was not allowed to eat or drink after midnight, so the IV kept me hydrated. ( and would eventually make me swell for the first time in my pregnancy)
The next morning, all my nurses that had taken care of me, that were working that day, came in to give me hugs and kisses and tell me they couldn't wait to see the boys in a few short hours.
Then I was wheeled down to pre-op.... and then my (our) world changed.


  1. Such a sweet post. Can't wait to read the rest.