23 October 2013

Our first few hours

Our first few hours together were filled with both of us saying over and over again "can you believe they were just in your/my belly?" "I can't believe they are here" "We are so lucky"
These two boys were miracle babies. We learned after talking to doctors days after their delivery, that most of them were very concerned and not overly confident that these boys would make it as long as they did or even make it at all. We were shocked. All of our doctors put on a great front and never showed this fear in front of us. We heard over and over again from our OB's and High Risk doctor how proud they were of us and the littles, we had all defied the odds. And for that we are grateful.
I didn't realize that my first night I wouldn't be able to do anything. That Adam would have change every diaper and get up with every noise. And that he did. He was my hero and an amazing first time Daddy to G&G. I was in awe of him.

The first night went something like this (again was not expecting all of this)
10:00pm - Our tech came in to give the boys a bath, they hated it, screamed and cried
12:00am - My nurse, Tracey, came in and took my bag of fluids out (but kept my IV line in, because, as I am just finding out, I lost more blood than I should have during surgery and they are waiting to get my tests back to make sure my platelet counts are up)
2:00am- They come in to assess the boys again and remove my IV line, since my tests came back good.
4:00am - Back again to remove my catheter and make me walk for the first time. I have never been in so much pain in my life as that walk across my room. 
6:00am - The nurses come to get the boys so the pediatrician can assess them
this was the start to our sleepless nights :)

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