06 January 2014

Grayson & Greer Birth Video

How proud of me are y'all for posting twice in one week?! Thank you for all your sweet comments on IG, FB messages and e-mails on my gratitude post! 

So, I've spent the better part of all my nightly pumping sessions at the computer working on the boys birth video the last week. There was so much I wanted to put in it and a lot I wanted to keep extremely private { meaning only for Adam and I } so I battled on what to do. I decided I would make two videos. One for us and one to share with family, friends and followers! 

I'll tell you, this project had me in tears quite a few times. My littles are growing so quick and in a blink of an eye they will be holding their own bottles, walking and talking and I'll want to come back to this day so badly. I know the big thing this year is to have a "word" for yourself. A word describing how you want this year to go. I've been thinking about for a few weeks, and I think i've decided on "present." I want to be present in every moment and not rush through the small things. {i.e.: feedings, night time routine, and just life in general} I believe now, more than ever, it is important for me to be present and soak every little second in with the boys. And even though I want to try and document everything, I need to remember to put the phone/camera down and just live in the moment instead of trying to capture it through media. 

What is your word? Have you thought of one or even heard of this whole thing?

Well here is the boys birth video sans all the gory surgery pictures and other personal shots we took when it was just us. {ya know, skin to skin, pictures with my side boob hanging out:), nobody needs to see that!}



  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi, I am also a twin mom to boy/girl born just a month before your cute boys.... I love the song you used in your video. I have been looking for it and I can not find it. Would you mind letting me know the title and who sings it? Thanks so much! Bdubose61@yahoo.com

  3. Congratulations on your little ones! My identical girls are now 7. How time does fly. May you have much sleep!