07 July 2013

23 weeks

How far along: 23 weeks, 5 Days

Weight gain/loss: +12 lbs. at 148 no weight gain this week (although last week at the docs office, the nurse told me the scale was "weighted" so maybe that means it added a few which would make sense)

Maternity clothes: shorts and pants, yes! Still loving my maxi dresses!
Sleep: this got tough again this week. I officially have a baby on each "side" of me. They moved to being side and side instead of on top of one another. When I sleep on my right side, Grayson punches and kicks, and when I lay on my left side, Greer does the same. "I have to sleep on my sides boys, back and stomach aren't an option" so I've resorted to sleeping sitting up again, when it gets bad.
Best moment this week: We had another great appointment on Wednesday at our peri's office. (details at the bottom on this post ) and I got cleared to go to Orlando for my show!!!!! (whoo hoo!!!)

Food cravings: Dry strawberry mini wheats, watermelon, my yogurt parfait, crispex, sprite, apples, chocolate chip muffins, tootsie pops
Food aversions: still meat and big portions

Movement: lots and lots
Gender: BOYS!

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, insomnia, a little bit of anxiety.(with 11 weeks left, everything is starting to seem real)

Looking forward to: We have one appointment a week in July, and July has 5 weeks in the month. I love being able to see my littles and look at what's new with them.
Baby/Momma Update: Our appointment went great on Wednesday. Both boys are sharing perfectly, which makes me incredibly happy.
Grayson (A):
HR: 145
Weight: 1 pound 5 ounces
Percentile : 50th
Greer (B)
HR: 144
Weight: 1 pound 5 ounces
Percentile: 51st
As for me, my cervix is still holding strong at a 4.0! Which is one of the main reasons I get to go to Orlando.
Keeping track of my cervix on here, might be a little TMI, but for any mom, especially any multiples mom, you know how important this is. With multiples, when you go into your first appointment with your peri doc (and even your OB) one of the first things out of their mouths is, "women's bodies aren't meant to carry multiple pregnancies" its by chance that your body can handle it. Typically if its your first pregnancy you have a better chance at your body being able to support a multiple pregnancy. Not that it happens for all first time pregnancies, but both doctors have told me first full pregnancies with multiples have a better shot, as that's all my body knows.
The measuring of the cervix is the doctors guide to your body's support in carrying a pregnancy, whether its a singleton or multiples.
As you remember, if my measurement drops below a 3.0 I will be in the hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy, so my measurement is always a celebration for me:)
We also got a letter with our "official" surgery date and time. I got the envelope and was totally expecting a bill, but was shocked when I opened the envelope and got my official letter. (I thought they would just schedule it next time I was in the office) Everything just got really real. The boys have an official birth date. We were given the week for sure, and I've been using my exact 34 week day to go by, but now having an actual official date is terrifying, exciting and surreal all at the same time. (and the date they gave me is with the doctor who gave me all that extra "lovin'" I needed last week, so I am thrilled about that)
I'm not certain I am going to share the date as I am one to get easily overwhelmed. So for now, we've decided to keep the date between us and close family. There will be so much going on that morning, that I will just wait to announce when they are here, situated and we are settled in.
hope you all had a great weekend!
it's off to Orlando for me tomorrow! (I'm doing the happy dance as we speak)


  1. I'm sleeping sitting up too! This child NEVER stops kicking, especially if I'm on my sides. Sleeping is pretty tough at this point, so if you're ever up bored in the middle of the night... send me a text :)