31 July 2013

My weekend of showers

My babies and I were spoiled rotten last weekend with not one but two showers. The first one was in Orlando and thrown by my mom's friends who just so happen to be my second mothers. The shower was gorgeous, the cake was the cutest thing I'd ever seen and seeing everyone was just what I needed.
My second shower was here in Tampa and was thrown by my sister, mom, mother in law and sister in law. It was held at one of my favorite little spots in Tampa. The theme was perfectly me, the food was fabulous, and I loved getting to see my friends and family.
Here are pictures of both days:
precious, precious cake
close up on those shoes
me and the adorable cake

 me and my Momma
Seminole sippies

my mom's adorable gift

my hostesses
my sister in law and mother in law
 some of my wives club ladies
Mammaw, Momma, me and Sister
me, sissy and aunt van
quote: " I know you're the pregnant one, but I like being in the middle"
me and my sweet Mammaw


invitation and favors (delicious macaroons)

adorable tables

Kelley and I (shes the photog behind most of these pictures)


cousins Katie and Whitney

my girlfriends!!!!!


Tampa Bay Lightning ladies

Kel and Nanc (Tampa sister/Tampa mother)


my sister's mother in law
Both showers were fabulous! I was definitely tired by end, but all well worth it to spend time with everyone!


  1. Love the cake!! Would love to see what all you registered for! I am having the hardest time trying to figure out what things I need two of!

    1. Hi Hailey! We registered at Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us... If you go to either of those you can pull up my registries!