29 October 2014

Better late than never : Boys One Year Photos

I'm badly trying to play catch up here on this blog. I really want as much as I can document for my boys here on this blog. I will be starting the series "Flashback Friday" to all sorts of different moments in their lives I haven't had the time to blog about in the past. 

Today isn't friday and this isn't much of a flashback, but we had the boys one year photos done earlier in the month. It was HOT here still but the pumpkin patch/farm we visited sure helped get us in the fall feel of things! My wonderful friend and photographer, Kelley, took these shots. I was so nervous we weren't going to have any good ones since the boys just weren't in the mood that day. But per usual, Kelley captured them in all the right times. I on the other hand arrived at the farm and remembered 'ummm you're probably going to be in a few shots too, maybe you should have dressed appropriately and done your hair'. So I made Kell only put us in a few and not get to close to me:) 


Up this week for Flashback Friday will be our vacation to Hyatt Coconut Point Plantation we took with my in-laws this August. See you back here Friday! 


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