21 October 2014

The boys turned ONE!

Although I had big big plans for the boys actually birthday, they were still recovering from the awful sinus/ear infection plague that hit our house and stayed for 4 weeks. I wanted them rested and well for their party so it was a low key day. (low key as in stay in your jammies all day, which this momma felt guilty about but got over it!)

Aunt KK was in town! After the boys swim lesson, we headed to Dunkin' Donuts to get these boys a donut for their big day! And saying they loved it, doesn't even justify that breakfast they had. They both each ate half a full glazed donut and a few munchkins. whoops! 

then baths were in order after being in the pool and being covered in sugary, sticky donuts.
The rest of the day we laid low. 

that night after dinner the boys got their very first try at cake/icing.We got them cupcakes as not to overwhelm them and they loved them. Had a ball eating them and covering themselves (and us) in icing!

then we opened presents! KK and Uncle Ty bought the boys their first cars, and these two little boys have been in them every day since! 

Happy first birthday sweet boys! 

 and to my sweet adam: this year has been fun, scary, tough, exciting and so much more. And through this crazy first year roller coaster you've remained my rock. Thank you for keeping me grounded and in check when i felt i was being torn to pieces. The boys are so so lucky to have you as a father. and you already know how lucky I am. I hope I tell you too much!
We did it babe! First year in the books! 
i love you!


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