02 October 2014

one year

I know the calendar is how man has chosen to measure time and track life. But a years time doesn't seem to measure all my little boys have brought into my life. That amount of time isn't enough to show what they have done for me and how they have changed me. They've brought me peace, happiness, patience, knowledge, love, so so much love, love beyond measure, and pure bliss.

Grayson and Greer: with all that everyone tells you and tries to explain about the love you will feel for your children one day, it just can't be done. There is no explanation. For all the times I will tell you this in your life, you will not know until you become a parent, and then you will fully understand. It is the most incredible feeling, the love that I have for both of you. You amaze me every day and I am so honored to be your Momma,  your compass through this crazy (and sometimes scary) World, your comfort when you're unsure, your teacher, your leader and your anchor.

You have both made up for so much that this life has dealt me and I will spend the rest of my life giving to you without limits and having the utmost gratitude for your life. I promise to give everything I have, every day, especially on the days I just don't feel like it. You little boys, are worth everything. and I love you both madly.

Grayson - Our "first" baby. You little man, are a momma and dada's boy through and through. You would take being in our arms over a new toy or a new friend. You are so compassionate. Any time your brother cries or Campbell barks, you're the first to run over and see wants the matter.
You are full of surprises. You will one day out of the blue start a new skill like that! With no warning. You just do it. You, most of the time, observe your brother for a few days or weeks and then nail it on your first try. You are swimming so well and despite your torticollis, you corrected yourself and are an absolute champ!
You stack huge blocks, roll cars and trucks all around, bang things together (which i have been told is a 15 month skill) and you love to love. You are a happy little boy and watching you grow has been the greatest joy of my life. I love you.

Greer- our "baby'. You came into our family as the calm, laid back twin. But that quickly changed. You amaze us every day with the things you can do. You were a quick roller and walker. And the things you pick up on and mimic, shock us. You put a phone to your ear when we say "hello?!", you make animal noises at correct animals, you LOVE animals, you recognize peoples faces in pictures, and you pay attention to every little detail.  You floated in swim class right off the bat, and haven't looked back since. You amaze us every time.
You love having fun and being silly and love to rough house with Dada. You are the bright light little boy and it so much fun watching you learn. You make my day, every single day. I love you.

xoxo momma

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