28 October 2014

Wild ONEs : the boys first birthday party

I had big plans for these two little boys and their first birthday. Because, lets face it, you only get to celebrate your very first birthday once, so Adam and I were determined to throw a good party:) Even though the boys won't remember it, I wanted all of our friends and family there to celebrate our boys and as a huge thank you for all the love and support they've given us the past year and beyond.

I went back and forth on themes. It was their "golden birthday" since they were turing 1 on the 1st but I couldn't get enough gold and boy to tie together. (we still had gold balloons at the party to commemorate). I ended up doing a "Wild ONEs" theme and using Where The Wild Things Are as my base. I LOVED this theme. It was so fun. The invitations were custom by the wonderful Empress Stationary ( I will now be going to her for EVERYTHING!) She does amazing things! 

My mom bought three small stuffed animals characters from WTWTA book and we had them dancing around small pumpkins as people walked in the door.

I ordered a hardcover copy of the book for everyone there to sign and write a special note to the boys. 

I also bought these small gold paper crowns (see top of shelves) and used them for decoration. I also put one on each of the boys floating boats in the pool (again, a take off from the book) We failed to get a picture of those, but they were there, floating away:)

The weather was AH-mazing! It was the best day we'd had in Florida all year. The high was 73, which here, feels like fall. At the last minute we rented some chairs and pulled out our big mexican picnic blankets and set the front yard up for everyone to eat and enjoy the big (sort of) surprise we had for everyone! My brother even hung some hammocks in our trees for guests to enjoy!

We were going to do the boys cake inside, in front of their instagram wall, but it was just too beautiful out! 

Easiest thing (in my mind) to do for a birthday party, is to cater. Easy peasy, no cooking, no clean up,  no worries. We had our local Tijuana Flats do a fajita bar and it was excellent! We served blacken chicken fajitas, with grilled veggies, rice and black beans, and chips with the fixings! (salsa, queso and guac! because lets face it, do you know who their mama is?!)

I also had a mini food bar set up for the littles at the party. Just a few snacks to include: PB&J crown sandwiches, animal crackers, popcorn, applesauce pouches, mini cupcakes, and caramel apples. 

For dessert, the boys did have smash cakes, BUT we wanted something besides just cake for our guests, SO, we had the Yogurtology (froyo) Truck come out and everyone made their own froyo sundaes! It was a hit! and OH SO good! there were 8 flavors and lots of toppings! 

After everyone was done eating and had their yogurt, we brought the boys outside for their cake smash. This is the first time either one of them had an actual cake put in front of them, so there was no telling what either one would do. But, they loved it! And I am pretty sure Greer ate half his cake, an entire half! 

We had such a blast and enjoyed all of our friends and family there. (Especially our surprise visitor, My Mammaw! Best surprise ever!)

I would love to go back and do this whole day again! Next year:) already planning a theme in my head! EEEEEE!!!! 


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