14 December 2012

New Blog and Fridays Letters

Good Friday Morning!
Welcome to the brand, spankin' new Nest design! So excited to have something a bit more my style.
*a little side note:: this looks best on Apple products, as that's what it is designed on. Some of the Internet Explorer editions don't support all the details of this blog. So to see this gal in all her beauty, view on a Apple of some sort (computer, iPad, iPhone)
Now, on to Friday's letters . . . .
AJL :: So excited Christmas is almost here! This time of the year is so magical and I am the luckiest girl in the world to spend every Christmas with you. I love you.
Christmas cards :: Boy did you pull one over on me this week. You were "good to go" until I realized I had licked and sealed half of you without inserting the actual card. ordering 35 additional envelopes set me back a whole week. You-1, Me-0
Delta Airlines :: I cheated on you yesterday, I'm sorry. American had the only non stop, in and out flights to Dallas. But let me tell ya, karma came a knockin'. I now remember why I chose you as my airline:) never again... promise!
Campbell :: Little girl - I first giggled when your Vet recommended you see a Doggie Dermatologist. Even though I am for everything Dog related, this even took me for a loop. However, after our visit this week, I LOVE your dermatologist. I know she going to make you feel so much better and keep you from being miserable for the rest of your life. Love, Momma..... oh p.s. these two visits are costing us $1,200.00, Merry Christmas :)
Homeland :: you are my new favorite show, so glad sister and Ty introduced you to us. WE ARE ADDICTED! We can't wait to get caught all the way up so we can talk to all our other "Homelanders" about you!
Kath/MomL :: You were so sweet to remember Kara and Tyler on their anniversary. KK was so excited to receive a Crate and Barrel box yesterday. You are the greatest mother in law a girl could ask for. Thank you for always remembering me, my family and everyone in your life. You're an amazing example!
Christmas gifts :: you are so much fun to wrap! I am finally caught up on wrapping and look forward to no more late nights. Now, I will just wrap you as you arrive!
Lesley :: You are an amazing boss, and great friend. Thank you for all your help this year in getting me through my first full year of scheduling. I feel accomplished as the year comes to a close because of your guidance. Thank you for always having our backs and making us a great team! Crossing my fingers for an early baby Rowan arrival!
Online shopping :: Thank GOD for you. You are how I did 98% of my Christmas shopping this year. I've only gone to the mall once. You are Heaven sent.
Have a great weekend everyone!
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