17 December 2012

Sandy Hook

"Let the little children come to me, Jesus said, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of Heaven" Matthew 19:14
Good Morning!
I woke up this morning with my heart still heavy over the enormous tragedy on Friday. I woke up thinking of every teacher going into work today that will look at their students differently. Every student, child who is terrified to go to school this week (I was that child). I can't even put into words how I felt on Friday and all weekend.
There have been a lot of pictures, statements and quotes going around on the Internet and especially Facebook. One in particular pulled at my heart strings, the quote from Morgan Freeman (that he now denies he said or ever wrote) regardless if he or anyone else said it or wrote it, part of the statement made sense to me.
He or She wrote about how every shooter, whether it be Columbine, Colorado movie theatre or Gabby Giffords shooter, we know their names and faces, they are practically household names. But (besides Gabby Gifford) no one can name one victims name or could tell them a part from anyone else in a picture. The killers are the ones always talked about, always in the news and the ones that seem to be talked about and looked in to the most. It is time we start remembering the victims and their names and faces, and tell about their lives.
So with that being said I leave you with some of the 28 sweet, precious faces and names.
Keep these sweet babies and teachers and their families in your hearts, thoughts and prayers this holiday season. I'm sure most of them already had gifts under the tree waiting for them and their lists made out for Santa.
(via : msn.com)
(via: newyorktimes.com)

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