20 December 2012

It's OK

It’s OK . . .
that I haven't completed half of what I wanted to do for the 25 Days of Christmas
that I am addicted to Homeland, and its all I want to watch at night
that I am having nightmares from Homeland
that I am taking a week off of work
that Christmas sort of makes me nervous
that I spent over my budget for Christmas gifts
that I might not take my Christmas decorations down until February
that I haven't had a full glass of water in 5 days
that I think Vitamin water counts as water
that I've slowed down on my blogging
that I ordered 8 candles from Bath and Body works, they were on sale
that Campbell barks every day at the same time when Adam opens the garage door
that when Adam warps my gifts I might unwrap them a little because I hate surprises (yes I was that kid)
that I still cry every time a Sandy Hook report comes on
that I am sick of cooking dinner
that this is my last Christmas in my twenties
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  1. My heart still aches terrible for Sandy Hook. I am 100% with you on the cooking..which is why I haven't in far too long. My poor, poor husband! So glad I found your blog. New follower!!