04 December 2012

My Go To Apps

I have a lot of favorite apps on my iPhone, but notice I use a handful more frequesntly. Here are the apps that make my everyday easier and more fun . . .
:: Etsy :: I can browse through this to find a quick gift at my fingertips. (and can also track all my purchases and conversations with sellers without having to go on the site, dont tell my hubby about the purchases part)
:: Starbucks :: This app is great for storing all my Starbucks giftcards on, and also gaining stars towards my Starbucks rewards
:: Relax Melodies :: Ahhhhh . . . my sound machine on the go. This app has help put me to sleep in many noisey hotels. I also use it at home if I can't sleep, it works wonders. (there is also a sleep timer on this so you can set it up to shut off whatever time you want)
:: Swirl :: My new fav app! A friend recently introduced me to it, but I can't remember who. Swirl lets you keep track of your favorite stores and what sales and promo codes they are currently running. I check this before I buy anything online or walk into a store.
:: Bloglovin' :: Another recent addition that has made travel and my "on-the-go" life entertaining. This holds all the blogs I follow in one place. In one click I have all recent posts of my favorite blogs at my fingertips. * If you currently have a blog, register your blog here so if other followers use this they can add yours to their list*
:: OpenTable :: With the OpenTable app, I can find a restaurant close by when traveling and can see the reservation times they have available. I also use it at home in Tampa so I don't have to actually call and make a reservation. I know lazy B!
:: Instagram :: This will end up going down into one of my all time favorite apps. I love pictures, and love looking at pictures. This helps me keep up with all my friends and family I don't see or talk to all the time. I probably check this app 5 times a day!
:: Delta :: I am a Delta Airlines girl! I love Delta. It is the one airline I have NEVER had problems on. And after coming back to my traveling job, I hit status two years ago again, and frequently get upgraded, check my bags for free, and cut the security line. This app tells me instantly if i got upgraded, if my gate changes, if my flight is delayed, if its OVERLY delayed it lets me pick a new flight right then and there. Also, i use the boarding pass portion of this app to save paper:)
:: Pinterest :: The one app I could spend hours upon hours on. The Pinterest app has made waiting to board plans, riding in cabs and waiting for all other sorts of stuff, not so bad.
:: Bank of America :: For obvious reasons I love having my bank at my finger tips. Being able to literally do EVERYTHING besides withdrawal money from it, makes my life so easy!
:: Pandora :: Pandora has gotten me through running from gate to gate in airports, has been my company on workouts and runs and is sometimes my entertainment while i plug away on the grid.
:: Facebook :: I should just say DUH to this one. :)
::GateGuru :: Another app that makes my travel world easy, breezy. As soon as I open this app, it finds what airport I'm in and in what terminal I'm in and gives me a list of restaurants and stores near me. Now i don't have to troll around the airport looking for somewhere to plop down and eat.
:: Genius Scan :: My on-the-go scanner. I use this to keep track of all my receipts for work that i need to expense. I get home and just e-mail them all to my finance guy.
:: HeyTell :: I've tried to get better about texting and driving....i know i know, i don't need a lecture, i get about five a day. Hey Tell lets me just talk to whoever I'm texting and they talk back. And sometimes its just nice to hear someones voice..... eh hem : Raquel
:: ESPN Scorecenter :: ESPN's Scorecenter lets me make a list of the teams I follow of a variety of sports and alerts me on my phone when my teams score when I can't be somewhere to actually watch the game. Ohio State, Florida State, and Tampa Bay Lightning (not right now....grrrr) are top on my list:)
Any other life altering apps out there I should be aware of?
Happy Monday chickens!


  1. I love reading good blogs....can you share a few of your faves?

    1. Steph- look to the right hand side of my page toward the middle- the list I follow are there :)

  2. Steph- look to the right hand side of my page toward the middle- the list I follow are there :)