19 December 2012


Good Morning readers!
I first heard about Darling Magazine from a blog I follow, Thoughts by Natalie. Natalie happens to be the Managing Editor/Writer for Darling Magazine and gave a description of what the magazine is all about and what you will find inside. I researched through articles they have on their website and quickly found myself relating to the articles. So I purchased a copy of the winter edition. At $20 an issue, I didn't want to buy a whole subscription until I had looked through one.
Let me tell you, I am now asking for a subscription for Christmas! I am only about 10 pages in and completely connected to everything about this magazine.
Darling Magazine's tag line is "the art of being a woman" and touches on all the hats that women wear:
The Dreamer
The Stylist
The Achiever
The Confidant
The Hostess
The Beautician
The Intellectual
The Explorer
I can put on almost all of these "hats" in some aspect of my life. I know about 25 women that would benefit from this magazine and I wish I could buy them each a copy. If you are a woman that has a handful of roles you play in your life, buy a copy of this wonderful magazine
I thought I would pass along my thoughts about Darling, a magazine that puts you in a good place in your life, pushes you to do your best and makes you feel empowered as a woman and the woman you are.
Happy Reading!  

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