11 April 2013

April/May Mantle

It was time to update the mantle from St Pattys day and Easter, and since we have no MAJOR holiday until July, April and May are birthday months for hubbs and I. (he's April, for about 2 weeks he'll be a 30 year old with a "twenty something" wife *wink*)
We are both turning 30 this year and are very much looking forward to what our thirties have in store for us! We spent a lot of our twenties growing, learning and forming ourselves and our marriage into exactly what we wanted it to be and got ourselves right where we wanted to be to start our thirties off in a positive and fulfilling way.
24 days and counting for me ......


  1. I love your mantle. Did you make the chalkboard yourself?

  2. I love the mantle! It is so cute girlie... You did a great job!