30 April 2013

My past 13 weeks - Part 1

how we got here .  .  .

The past 13 weeks have been a WHIRLWIND, and I'm not sure that word does it justice. For those of you that are new here, my pregnancy journey didn't start off so hot. You can read here to catch up.
In January, I was a week late. But auntie flow ended up rearing her ugly head. This however made me nervous as I have always been regular, and never been late or missed. So I scheduled an appt with my doctor. When I went in and explained what happened, my doctors response was "Oh, that just means you didn't ovulate." ummmm...what? We then went into a conversation about us starting to "try" again. She told me to get a few of the ovulation tests at the pharmacy, start monitoring myself, and report back to her. Well, that didn't last because 3 weeks later I was pregnant:)
One night hubbs did something, I can't remember what, and I flipped out on him. If you remember from the first time, and me throwing a remote control across the room, this was a weird thing for me. The next day, I couldn't stop thinking about my outburst. I kept thinking how weird it was. So a thought popped into my head to take a pregnancy test. I wasn't supposed to get my period until the weekend, and its monday, so the test probably wouldn't work anyway. WRONG! In about 10 seconds that sucker said 'Pregnant'.
I was elated! I had to wait all day for A to get home for me to tell him, but I was so good about keeping a secret all day and this is what he came home to.....

November? Yes, I was so prepped/terrified to get pushed back a week or so, because of last time, but after our first appointment I learned October was in fact correct . . . .oh yes and that "Baby Laws" would become "Laws Babies" . . .
see you tomorrow for part two.

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