18 April 2013


So since Google reader went away, I never used it, but I know a lot of people did. I wanted to share what I use to follow all my blogs, and how amazing it is!
*also quick side note for all my blogger friends, our "followers" counter will be going away soon, so if you have a favorite reader, let your followers know*
I have been using bloglovin' for a while now and i love love love it.
I can easily look at all my blogs in one place AND they have app, so I can pull up my blog and see new posts right on my phone. Its amazing!
I've tested out a few other readers and none have done it for me the way this one has!
Are you on bloglovin' yet? If so click the bloglovin' buttom on the right side of this screen, or if you're not on bloglovin' yet and would like to be, that button will also get you to the registration page.

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