02 April 2013

Soothing My Soul

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I've been think a lot about the things the soothe my soul recently. Maybe it's because I've been paying more attention to the details in my life and sorting out what really makes me happy and filling my days with more of those things. This might all be a part of my turning 30 in May and wanting the toxins and negativity that I've let linger in my 20's, not follow me into my 30's.
So here is a list of twenty things that help soothe me and get me back to feeling alive again:
1. hot shower - nothing cures me like a hot shower, when I am sick or anxious or in a bad mood this is my instant fix.
2. cooking
3. the beach - water in general soothes me
4. being in Chicago - I'm pretty sure I was destined to live in this city but my journey never put me there to reside
5. The smell of sunscreen
6. a good rainstorm
7. a great fire in a fireplace

8. A day in the sun

9. fruit, when its perfectly ripe

10. the first day of a vacation/trip

11. a big comfy chair/couch with a blanket

12. a brand new book

13. a clean house

14. Napa valley - Napa is one of the few places I've been that has made me feel alive. The views there are incredible and not looking at buildings everywhere you turn is refreshing.

15. my big comfy kind size bed

16. music

17. fresh air

18. ice cream on a cone

19. a new outfit

20. holidays - even though they can be stressful at times, being around family and friends renews me.

What soothes your soul? Do we have any similarities?

Looking forward to the weekend! 2 more days!



  1. You're missing a long talk with a best friend xo

  2. Love your blog, sister peeps! Thank you for this post. I identify with so many things on your list. You have inspired me to seek some of these things out in my own life. SO much love to you, sweet friend!