19 April 2013

Friday's Letters

hubbs : so glad you had a great 30th birthday. You're the only person in the world I would let buy himself a car on his 30th. Its hard to say no to you:) Can't wait for our little getaway in a few weeks. I love you. P.s fist bump and a high five ;)
City of Boston: I can't imagine the terror and fear you've been living through this past week. As I watch this chase unfold on CNN, my thoughts are glued to you.
Boston officials, police and National officials: Thank you for your hard work and long hours to catch these cowards. I've thought of your families all week, and how much worrying they must do every day when you leave for work. God Bless each and everyone one of you.
Boston Police and TSA: Thank you for making the Boston Airport feel safe on Tuesday as I flew out. You all had a strategy and logistics down pat. Your actions made for an easy and seamless departure. Thank you.
Weekend: I am so excited you are here and even more excited to be seeing you the next 5 weeks in a row. I plan to relax a lot and get this house in order.
Leah: my thoughts have been with you and D the past 2 days. I can't imagine how heart wrenching the decision you both had to make was yesterday. You two are great parents and doggy parents, and made the right decision for Jax. love you both ( and AG obvi)
spend time with your families this weekend, call the one's that aren't near you and soak up every minute of life that you can.
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  1. Daaaang, he did have a good birthday!! ;) Love all of your letters!! Just read your About Me, love when you said 'I have a potty mouth but I love the Lord, and ask for forgiveness everyday'! Love it!

  2. Thanks lovey. Love you! Thanks for being there!

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