16 April 2013

home bound

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Heading home today!!! I am so over the moon excited to be taking my last flight for the year! (my other shows are in Florida for the rest of the year so I can drive) I am also anxious to get out of Boston, be through security and on my plane. What happened yesterday here in Boston, at the marathon is disgusting. Every time something tragic like this happens at an all American event/or venue, it makes you not feel safe to do anything, and that is unnerving. Coming from someone who travels often, this also puts your traveling days on edge. So needless to say, I am excited to be home, in my house with my hubby.

In my little down time I plan on doing the following:
organize my home (per post from yesterday)
go to the beach
meet hubby for lunch once a week
take clothes and donations to Salvation Army
go to my favorite tea spot with my brother
meet friends for lunch
shop (clearly)
take a little trip for the weekend
find estimates on cabinets for the garage (our shelving fell a few months ago, ugh)
stock up on greeting cards (my supply is getting low)
and a few other things here and there;)

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  1. Looks like you will be a tad bit busy but busy can be nice sometimes :)