09 June 2013

19 weeks {feet up...working!}

How far along: 19 weeks, 5 days

Weight gain/loss: +7 lbs. at 143 (starting weight 136)

Maternity clothes: yup, just a few bottoms.
Sleep: Pretty good, still not great.

Best moment this week: We got to see the littles on Friday at our perinatal appointment. Their sweet little heads were together and made for a great sono picture. {more on the appointment below}

Food cravings: Watermelon, apples, chocolate chip cookies (I typically don't eat cookies)
Food aversions: still meat.

Movement: Yes!!! and Adam can feel them too, which he loves!
Gender: BOYS!

Symptoms: Started getting Braxton Hicks last week {more on that below}

Looking forward to: Our cribs and mattresses arriving! My sweet in-laws dropped by thurs-fri and told us they were buying them for us! We were shocked and so thankful. They have been ordered and should be here in a couple of weeks!

Baby/momma medical update: We had our high risk appointment on Friday and everything looked really good on the baby front. Both babies are growing and most importantly, sharing. Baby A is 11 ounces and Baby B is 10 ounces. Baby B is on the cusp of being 11 ounces, they are only about 30 grams apart, which is good.
They measure their stomachs each visit to check for TTT (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome) This only effects about 10% of identical twin pregnancies but we are at a little higher risk for this since Baby A's umbilical cord is not attached in the middle of my placenta. So, they monitor them every visit to make sure they are sharing properly.  So far they are good sharers, and get that from their Momma :)

I am already having Braxton Hicks contractions, and my doctor actually saw one on the ultrasound when we were in there. He told me unless I am getting them 4 or more times an hour, he isn't too concerned. He does want me changing a few things, like bringing my work downstairs so I am not climbing them more than a couple times a day. He also said no standing or walking for a lengthy time. He said going out to dinner is fine, but walking around the mall or standing around at a function is not a good idea. He said "For lack of a better term, don't do something that's going to piss your cervix off"

My cervix did, however, measure at a 4.1 !!! Which is great! My feet up has helped and looks like its doing good things for me. So no bed rest yet he says, but keep doing what I'm doing.

Sorry I'm so late on this week. I do turn 20 weeks on Tuesday, ha!, but will be better at doing these more timely!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
p.s. we officially have names!!!! stayed tuned next week for the official reveal!

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