06 June 2013

tropical storm andrea

Well this special little storm that I thought would give us the much needed rain we've been wanting....
...turned into a full blown tropical storm yesterday around 4pm. The first tropical storm of the season, Andrea. . .
Thankfully she's just had lots of rain and wind, some thunder and lightning here and there.
Her rains did, however, cause our ceiling to leak. Good thing that's all covered by our HOA and they are sending someone out tomorrow to fix it. {one of the only pluses to having a semi-expensive HOA}
For those of you who aren't familiar with Tampa and surrounding areas, we don't do well with rain. We flood. Even with some light afternoon showers, we have flooded streets that end up closed for hours. The first one to always close is Bayshore Boulevard. It is directly on the water. Its a beautiful street and a fun little fact of the day: its the has the longest sidewalk in the world!
Here is a picture I took off my TV from the video our news was showing from Bayshore :
just a little update from our end. Hope all my locals are staying safe and have minimal to no damage or outages!

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