22 June 2013

21 weeks

... all day long!

How far along: 21 weeks, 3 Days
Weight gain/loss: +10 lbs. at 146 (starting weight 136)

Maternity clothes: shorts and pants, yes! Still loving being able to wear maxi dresses!
Sleep: Still tough. I've had to surround myself with about 5 pillows to keep me from rolling onto my back. I flip sides about 100 times a night and getting up to pee is a chore, as I have to tuck myself back into my little pillow fort every time.
Best moment this week: We got to see the boys at our high risk appointment on Tuesday. The were moving around like crazy!

Food cravings: Watermelon, apples, my yogurt parfait's {this is new this week, but I'm obsessed: greek yogurt, honey, granola, raspberries and blueberries} our grocery store had all berries on sale this week, so I stocked up!
Food aversions: still meat and big portions

Movement: oh yeah! all the time!
Gender: BOYS!

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, some minor to severe cramping. For the past week and half my ears have been really itchy and then sore, and I get real stuffy at night and in the morning.

Looking forward to: We are going to work on the nursery this weekend, and do a few little details. We had a few items arrive this week and we are excited to get them up.

Baby/momma medical update:
Tuesday we had our cardio test at the peri's office. Everything went GREAT! There are no issues as of yet, and the boys are still growing perfectly and sharing {thank God} Cervix was at a 3.9, which I was happy with and my peri praised me for going to the emergency room for my cramping. {which made me feel less of "the girl who cried wolf"}
Mid this week my ears got really bad. So I made an appointment with my family practice doctor {whom I'm mildly obsessed with, she's so amazing} She looked in my ears and asked if I had been swimming. I laughed and told her, I wish. She told me I had tons of fluid behind my ear that was sort of cloudy, and was about 3 days away from being a double ear infection. Then she checked my sinuses and said "whoah, yeah, okay, you have a sinus infection."
I haven't taken a single thing medicine wise this whole pregnancy. I've battled out every headache, all nausea, and any severe pain, med free. So I told her I really don't want to take anything. We settled on Sudafed, which I still wasn't thrilled about but if I don't dry up the fluid behind my ear drum, I will get an infection and then so will the boys, and that is no bueno. So Sudafed it is. Going into the pharmacy with a big belly having to sign out Sudafed from behind the counter is super fun. {do we have to go through this process? Does it look like I'm buying this to make meth? really?}
have a wonderful weekend!

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