03 June 2013

Our Weekend {May 31-June 2}

Our weekend was very calm, as it should have been. I'm still obviously on feet up still, so we did very little. We spent lots of time on the couch and a few hours getting some stuff done for babies.

{saturday) we spent the day on the couch while it poured rain all day. This happens to be one of the things that makes me most happy in life. Lazy days on rainy days. We took about an hour or so in the afternoon to clean out the guest bath closet that will be the boys bath. I had samples (I worked for a trade show company so samples are a way of life) that expired last year still in there. We ended up tossing 4 bags of trash and donating things we didn't want/need to a shelter. Here is the end result:

{sunday} Hubbs spent a lot of time on baby stuff. He is amazing. He spent over 5 hours, on Sunday, painting their nursery and it is beyond my expectations. He did a great job!
and on {friday} hubbs came home for lunch before golfing and I felt my first punch/kick. Not sure which it was but it was definitely Baby B. All weekend I have gotten jabbed here and there!

{no that's not my belly button poking out, its the drawstring from my pants}
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Love the belly and the start of the nursery!

  2. belly is lookin gooood!!