17 June 2013

Our Weekend { 6.14.13 - 6.16.13}

Our weekend started out a little scary and hectic with a trip to the ER. Everything ended up being fine, thanks goodness. So we spent the rest of the weekend resting and Adam put together a few things we received for the nursery, as I sat there and took pictures.
Hubbs was on a work trip and got in Saturday morning around 1 a.m. I had been having little cramps here and there Friday night, but nothing even close to severe, until 5 a.m. I woke up in a lot of pain and fought myself on calling the doctor. My peri doc told me if I experience severe cramping to call my OB and get seen. Well Saturday at 5 a.m. the office isn't open and one of the doctors is on call, so when I called, he had me go to the ER at the Women's Hospital.
We were there for 6 hours. They monitored me for 4 hours to make sure my cramping wasn't contractions, did an ultrasound and checked all fluids. Everything was fine. The nurse and doctor told me I was "still tiny and had very little fluff" therefore I can feel everything, that most people wouldn't. I actually laughed when we got in the car about this comment, because they apparently didn't look at my thighs or my bottom, because they would have found plenty of "fluff" to go around.
We got home around noon, and both took naps {especially hubby, poor thing only had 4 hours of sleep and sat in a hard hospital chair for the whole morning} Then we got up went into the nursery and set up the rocker and the cribs we received on Friday! I mainly took pictures and made sure hubs iPad was set up with the US Open playing.
We are going with a mix and match theme in the boys room. We didn't want matchy everything, so we decided to do 3 colors of wood, colors that typically don't go together but a room that still felt like a rustic boys room. Next and last we have to do the gallery wall of a few things we ordered over their dresser, and after that a few things here and there { crib skirts, a little shelving, and a little décor}and we will be done!


Sunday was spent laying around {surprise, surprise} and watching the US Open all day. We made a quick trip to Whole Foods and then it was back to the couch and the US Open.
Campbell has gotten pretty good at this resting on the weekend thing. She is the best couch companion.
hope your weekend was fabulous!

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  1. Awe.... you guys are the cutest!!!! I love the matching cribs and the babies' names. Lovely weekend...thanks for linking up!!!