11 February 2013

A Letter to Biggie

            Our relationship is very hard to understand from the outside. “Your big?”, people say. “But you’re in two different sororities”. Yes, it must be hard to understand. But not to me and you.
 I will never forget my bid day. After all of us rushees had gone to our “houses” we all were out on the lawn behind the Marshall Center, when I spotted you from afar and you spotted me. We ran up to each other in tears, and I apologized to you for not going Tri-Delta. You quickly told me to stop apologizing and that you were so happy for me (even through tears). You then told me you wouldn’t be taking a little that year, because you had your heart set on me. The day after I got initiated, you showed up to our Sunday Chapter meeting with a basket full of A D Pi gifts for me.  I looked at you and said “what’s this for” and you replied with a huge smile, “ I told you, you’re my little, no matter what sisterhood you’re a part of.”
Since that day on the lawn our bond has been something special. We broke down a few barriers between our sororities and encouraged friendships across those lines. I have learned so much from you on what it means to be a great woman. You were the greatest role model I could have in college.
When I received your first e-mail a month ago, I went into a full on panic. Cancer? You? Then I thought to myself, if anyone can beat this its Tiff. Your positive attitude and outlook on life is like no one I know. People immediately fall into great moods when in your presence. Your zest for life is contagious.
I went into shock yesterday when I found out you had passed in the middle of the night. Your e-mails lately have been so positive about your treatment that I had moved my anxiety and worry about you from the front of my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I still thought about you many times a day and had communication with you almost every day. I cried for hours, and am still off and on. This isn’t fair. But I also know what you would say right about now… “ Little one, will you stop. I’m happy and healthy.”
I will think of you every day and carry the enormous love you’ve shown me for 11 years, with me. I know you are probably catching up with and in the loving arms of your momma. I am forever grateful for you.  I love you so much biggie.
In my heart always,
Little one.
"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others is what we leave as impact...And that remains and is forever immortal"

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