08 February 2013

friday's letters

hubby - - sorry i'm a grouch. that's all. i love you.
Campbell -- i am so happy your allergy testing is done and went well. Hopefully your shots kick in soon and that whole up itching all night thing stops. Before mommy permanently moves into the guestroom.
spring/2nd quarter -- please get here quickly, I'm fading fast.
beach -- can't wait to be with you again tomorrow
sister-- I love our daily talks, but I miss you like crazy
brother -- I know you are just finishing up your second year of med-school but thank you for being my go-to when I feel like I'm dying. You are just what I need to put me back into the right mindset and put my hypochondria at bay.
people.com, blogs, and anything news/gossip -- i miss you. I'm not even sure what is going on in the world?! Hubby just informed me there will be no more mail on Saturday. I look forward to catching up on you in 2 weeks, maybe.
new pillow -- i thought you would be magical last night but it turns out, I'm still not sleeping good. You are now a filler and I am moving on to a new pillow. Yes, you were my first one night stand.
happy friday everyone!
here is to a good weekend and maybe a few minutes to relax!
praying for spring,
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  1. Hi! I am coming over from Fiday Letters.. your blog is really cute! I love your design. Check out my blog when you get a change and follow along.

    Marquis Clarke

    1. Hi Marquis! Thanks for stopping by, I will jump over and follow today!

  2. Happy Friday, pretty lady.
    You were a grouch too this week? Must be something going around.
    I hope you have a lovely, relaxing weekend. Deep breaths, babe.

    1. Hey Al! thanks girl! you have a great weekend too!

  3. thank goodness for weekends! Is sounds like you have had a long week, but I agree that there is nothing like family to help get you through the tough weeks. happy friday!


  4. Ohhhh! Your blog has had a shmexy make over since I last visited! I like it!