06 February 2013

for hubby

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I'm not a huge Valentine's Day person. But there is something about the hearts, red, pink, and sugar that just gets me giddy about my man, So, I decided, since we usually don't do much for the 14th, to do a few little things for A, to let him know how much I appreciate him.
This weekend I got a bunch of his favorite candy, and small things he needs in his desk during season.(If I haven't mentioned it, hubby works for the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team) I put it in a cute bag, and had it waiting for him on the entryway table on Monday morning before he left for work. I put a card in it to say thank you for waking up every morning, and going to work to support our family. I remember what it was like to get up every morning, have to sit in traffic and be in an office all day. (i now work from home) So I wanted to let him know he was appreciated.
Here is the bag and some of it's contents...

And although Valentine's day isn't huge in our house, it doesn't mean I don't decorate our mantle for it! Here is what it looks like right now...

do you have big plans for the national day of love?
share them!



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    1. Thanks Caroline! I love your little boy! he is the most precious baby!