04 August 2013

27 Weeks

How far along: 27 weeks, 5 days
Weight gain/loss: +16 lbs. to 152 (no weight gain this week)
Maternity clothes: Lovin' my maxi dresses in this FLA heat!
Sleep: Sleep was a little better this week. I'm starting to get uncomfortable in general, so sometimes this carries into bed time and I have a hard time getting to sleep.
Best moment this week: We had a peri {high risk} appointment this week and all is still looking good! This week was a measurement week so we got to see how big the boys are {details below} We got our favorite tech this week and she turned on the live 4D camera so we could watch the boys. Greer was being extremely camera shy and facing my back so we couldn't see his face. But Grayson hammed it up for us and smiled nice and big for the camera.
Food cravings: fruit, chocolate {again, weird for me, usually not a fan} milk, veggies, I've been begging hubbs to take me to Twisty Treat, still hasn't happened {jerk}
 Food aversions: still meat and big portions {although our menu this week had a lot of chicken on it and I ate my fair share}

Movement: lots and lots! I love feeling them move. I think feeling an arm or foot or elbow move across my belly is way cooler than a kick.
Both boys get the hiccups all the time too!
Gender: BOYS!

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, still getting the pinching when I sit down indian style, an back pain. Friday night we went to dinner with two of our friends, I think we were only there 2 hours, and the last hour I was struggling. I don't even remember the last 20 minutes of dinner or walking out. We had to sit in the parking lot for a bit after so I could calm down and relax my body. I've never been in such pain or been that dizzy/anxious. We've figured out an hour is my limit. {we also went to Babies R Us to fulfill one of our registries on Saturday and after we got in the car I was done, again, back to the hour time limit}
Miss anything: (people keep asking me about this so I figured I'd include it) I miss being able to go to a store or out to dinner without feeling like I'm going die. And I miss popping my back. Ya know, the really good one when you twist from side to side and every vertebrae cracks? yea, those.
Looking forward to: Another OB apt this week. These appointments aren't the fun ones, just belly measurements and heart beats on the littles via Doppler { my sweet friend Leah actually loaned me hers at the start of my pregnancy, so I do these at home anyway} But it's nice to go to the OB and chat about symptoms and know that everything I am feeling is normal
Baby/Momma Update:
 Baby update
Heart rate: 139
Measuring: 2 lbs, 6 ounces

Heart rate: 148
Measuring: 2 lbs, 7 ounces
We had another measurement week this week (every 4 weeks) and Twin to Twin measurement (every other week). Both boys look great! They are sharing and measuring perfectly. When they measure their heads, bellies, kidneys, hearts and bladders, that determines their weight and if they are sharing or not. For Mo-Di twins, they want their measurements to be within 20% or lower of each other... ours are within 3% of each other... perfect:) Twin to Twin chances lower at 28 weeks (which is Tuesday for me!) and if they happen to get TTT after that the surgery to fix it is much less invasive. So excited and proud we made it here!
 Momma update
 As for me, I couldn't be more proud of my body. Its holding up beautifully. My cervix was at 4.4 and the vasa previa is no longer covering its (still 1cm away). Our doctor says he's just going to keep monitoring it, and when we get to 34, see how my body looks then and try and push me week by week. But talks we had about putting me on hospital bed rest at the beginning of my pregnancy aren't a thought anymore (for now). Thank GOD!
 ... and I passed my glucose screening... thank God again!
 I've had a few meltdowns this week. I've been pretty proud of myself for not having a lot of these during my pregnancy, but I might have made up for it this week:)(and maybe last week) But I am so excited to meet these boys and keep them in my belly as long as possible!
Hope y'all had a great weekend!

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  1. your blog is super cute and you look super pretty. I'm also expecing twins, a boy and a girl (27+4) and hoping they will not be born too soon.
    It's nice to read your memoirs, your improvements and sympthons.
    Maybe I should try and translate my blog into English...
    take care of yourself and your tinies