18 August 2013

29 weeks


How far along: 29 weeks, 5 days

Weight gain/loss: +20 lbs. to 156, hit the 20 pound mark (wah wah)

Maternity clothes: yup!

Sleep: I’ve been congested this week so sleep has been tough again, plus this little girl and her itchy allergies sent me to the guest room twice


Best moment this week: Seeing the boys at our peri appointment on Monday. They are so funny to watch on the 4D ultrasound.

Food cravings: I’m adding homemade sweet tea to my list of cravings. I have really missed my iced tea, mainly because I buy the Publix kind (unsweetened) but it has caffeine in it, so I decided to make my own decaf version and I can then monitor the sweetness too. I probably make a pitcher every other day! Also my peanut butter, banana and honey sandwiches are a regular lunch item for me!

Food aversions: no real aversions, still can't eat normal portions. Just have to keep eating little a few times a day.

Movement: lots and lots! I love feeling them move. And they are both still getting hiccups regularly.

Gender: BOYS!

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, shortened cervix (ugh, I know, see below), anxiety, headaches, congestion.

Miss anything: Being able to go out of the house without feeling like I am going to keel over.

Looking forward to: This week I looked forward to the field trip to Buy Buy Baby hubbs and I had planned out, to fulfill our registry. I saved up all my energy this week to be able to feel good for this little outing yesterday and it happened and all was great! we are ready for these boys! (as much as we can be!)

 Baby/Momma Update:

  Baby update

 The boys are still sharing great and our peri is no longer concerned with twin to twin transfusion. Although this can still occur, the chances are slim and he isn’t concerned about our boys! Heart rates were: Grayson 139 and Greer 148. Next appointment with the Peri we will get full measurements and know how much they are weighing. (these are my favorite appointments) Grayson used to be my little wiggle/kicking worm, but Greer has definitely taken over that role. Grayson now barely moves and Greer flips and kicks all the time.


Momma update

Momma had a defeating week to say the least. Everything was great with the boys but my cervix dropped below a 3 (where doctors want it to be or higher) and measured at a 2.8. As soon as I saw the measurement pop up, I said “ What?!, 2.8?” My doctor told me with how my body has been (holding up great) he’s fine with it being higher than a 2.5, but if it dips below that I am looking at bed rest. I felt so defeated.

I was almost in tears, when my doctor looked at me and said, “ just keep monitoring yourself, I know it’s a lot of pressure on you to notice every little thing and know what is abnormal, but you’re the only one that can tell us.” Him saying this, almost took relief off my shoulders. Finally, someone saying out loud to me that they know how much pressure I have been under. I love my Peri, he is amazing. He never makes me feel like anything I feel is silly or my worries are unwarranted.

 This coming up week (Tuesday) we are off to the OB. They like my cervix above a 3 so they might put me on bed rest to be safe.  My Peri is going to have them do another fetal fibronectin test to make sure I am in the clear for the next 2 weeks. When I go back to my peri the week after this, he is going to make the call on if we keep my surgery date the same (in the 34th week) or if we push me week by week. Fingers crossed the littles can stay in as long as possible. But if my cervix as shortened anymore, he’ll keep the surgery where it is.

 Thanks for following along and for all the sweet comments, texts and e-mails.

And a special thanks to my twin mom blog friends for the emotional support this week!



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  1. I just want to thank you for your posts and for being real with your pregnancy journey, the good and the bad. You have been such an encouragement! I am 29 weeks along with identical twin boys and although everything is going great so far its still been very stressful for my husband and I being high risk and having so many unknowns. I'm keeping you and your boys in my prayers. Keep up the good work! Only a few more weeks to go!