25 August 2013

30 weeks !!!!


How far along: 30 weeks, 5 days

Weight gain/loss: +22 lbs. to 158

Maternity clothes: This week I’ve spent the majority of the week in my maternity sweat shorts and tanks. Trying to be as comfortable as possible.

Sleep: This is in and out.

Best moment this week: We had another fetal fibronecten and it came back negative. Which tells us my body has a less than 1% chance of going into labor within the next 2 weeks.

Food cravings: I made these delicious rice krispies treats I had a recipe for and hubbs and I could not stop eating them this week. They are SO good. I woke up thinking about them in the middle of the night. Still loving fruit, lemonade, peanut butter/ honey/banana sammies, and milk.

Food aversions: none.

Movement: Lots of movement. Its funny, Grayson (Baby A, on the bottom-ish) used to be my mover and kicker. But Greer has now officially taken that role over and is a jumping bean all the time. His little feet also happen to be at the bottom of my rib cage, so that’s always a fun surprise.

Gender: MY BOYS!

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, really uncomfortable, congested, and a few headaches. (still have refused to take anything, but I’m close to giving in)

Miss anything: This week, I missed wine. Hubbs was drinking a glass, and I said “can I just smell it?” so I did, and it made me miss it more.  Also still missing being able to leave the house.

Looking forward to: We have two appointments this week, Tuesday and Thursday. My OB wanted to start seeing me weekly since we are in pre-term labor zone and my belly is measuring at 36 weeks. My peri appointment on Thursday should be a big one. First, we get to see the boys, how big they are and then my doc is going to make the call if he keeps my surgery in the 34th week or if he’s going to push me a little longer. Fingers crossed for the latter.

 Baby/Momma Update:

  Baby update

 I had a OB appointment on Tuesday and both babies heart rates were great! That's about the only report I get on them at the OB, more info on the babes next week.

 Momma update

 At my OB practice, you have to see everyone in the practice in case you go into labor and the doc you regularly see, isn’t on call. I went into this pregnancy only wanting my OB, the one I’ve been seeing for years. But my opinion has quickly changed. I have since fallen in love with three other doctors at the practice. There is always one doc, Dr. Young, that seems to be on call when I have to go to the ER, and I finally got a regular OB appointment with him back in July. I got paired with him again this week and set up my appointment to see him next week. Here is why….

 {back story} last weekend I was talking to hubbs about how I really want to be an optimist in life. I am in some areas, but also guard myself by not being too optimistic as to not seem naïve or be caught off guard. I told him I didn’t think I was a pessimist, just a realist. He looked at me and said, “if you’re talking about your pregnancy, you’re a pessimist, other things, you're not, just this.” WHY I NEVER!!!! But yes, I always think the worst, I believe this is because I don’t know better. Everything makes me nervous because I don’t know what “normal” is…. {and the internet is the devil}

{flash forward to this week} We see Dr. Young, and he runs another fetal fibronecten, sends us for an ultrasound, and wants to see us weekly.  Why? “ all of this makes him nervous” HAHA! A doctor to finally agree with me and see this from my “realist” point of view. Finally someone has admitted they are nervous too, and it’s a doctor. Not so pessimistic now, am I hubby?

So you better believe I made my next appointment to see him.

 After this week (in week 32) we start NST’s { Non Stress Tests}. These will be 30 minutes long, once or twice a week to monitor each babies heart rate and my contractions for that length of time. I asked if this was a normal/ regular thing, and my doctor said no, just for high risk pregnancies. Ha, more tests for the science experiment over here, but its fine, I don’t mind!

 Hope the weekend was lovely


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