31 August 2013

Our First Day at the Hospital {BR}

The night before we arrived at the hospital was extremely rough on me. I couldn’t stop sobbing. My brain immediately went to all the “lasts” the last night in my house without babies, the last night in my bed with Adam without babies, my last day/night with Campbell being the one and only in the house and always getting my full attention. I thought I had more time. I wanted more time.

I cried all the way home from the doctors office, cried in the Chick-fil-a line, cried when I got home and saw Campbell, packed my bags, cried. {see a pattern?}

My sisters sweet in laws made us a cooler full of food and were bringing it down on their way to the beach. This could not have come at a better time. As a wife, I worried what Adam would do for dinners, and lunches, since he has to come home at lunch and walk Campbell every day. These freezer meals, complete with instructions are perfect for him {don’t think I won’t make him sneak me some into the hospital }

I didn’t sleep a single minute the night before my arrival. Not one. I had a few break downs, sobbing breakdowns, and A woke up for every single one to console me. He told me he’ll be with me the whole time and we’ll just make this our new “thing.” I am so glad a married an optimist. He is probably one of the most positive people I know and I need every ounce of it in my life.

We were being admitted at 8am, so we got up, got ready, I kissed Campbell about a hundred times {while sobbing} and we were off. We arrived at St Joe’s and learned we were being put in one of the newly renovated rooms, {as of last week in fact} I was thrilled. 
When we came for our hospital tour we went to the antepartum/high risk floor and it was the last on that would be renovated, so it was still small and old. I was dreading spending 4+ weeks there. But the second the admitting gal said 3rd floor, I think my eyes lit up for the first time in 24 hours.

We got to the room and it was, brand spankin’ new and bigger than I thought it was going to be. Hard wood floors, mini fridge, personal ac unit, big couch/pull out for Adam and a closet. All of this made me feel a little better knowing I can have my healthy snacks in the fridge and my things put away instead of lying around.

{husband bragging ahead}

Walking into the room was a little like walking into your dorm room for the first time. You’re not sure how it will become “yours.” Packed bags sitting on chairs and you wonder where you should start. My nurse came in immediately and started my vitals and monitoring me and the boys. We did an NST, blood work and lots of questions and paperwork. At the tail end of questioning I looked over at Adam and he had unpacked all my bags and put everything away completely organized. {for those of you who know him organization isn’t something new} I looked at him with small tears in my eyes and mouthed “thank you.” I swear I fell in love with him all over again in that second. You always know your husband will step up to the plate for you, but until you see it done before your eyes, you can’t fully grasp it. I am one lucky girl.

Adam went back to the house midway through the day to take out Campbell and came back with all my favorite snacks and drinks for my mini fridge, a framed wedding picture and small lamp for the room. Again, breath taken away. Below area few pictures of all of this….

{clockwise from top left: My bathroom shelving unit, my closet, my shower, and my nightstand (flowers courtesy of my amazing in laws)}
Mid afternoon my nurse, Louise, came in and gave me first steroid shot for the boys lungs. I will have one more 24 hours after the first one. Until 36 weeks babies don’t start producing a fluid to help their lungs become fully functional. This steroid, has them start that process now. Which will be great, at 36 weeks for them or if they decide to come early.

I also had an IV line placed in my hand. It’s not attached to anything but its there in case of an emergency. That way they can immediately hook me up to fluids or blood. However, there are 3 tubes coming out of it and mounds of tape keeping it secure to my hand. I hate things on my skin all day, so its seriously irritating. It needs to be changed out every 4 days,
I’m hoping to ask the nurses when they take it out, if I can jump in the shower really quick and wash my hair. Because let me tell you what a task that was when they nurse have to cuff your hand and you can’t get it wet… picture below…. Right?! can you imagine? So I will do my best convincing when the time comes.

We sat around for the remainder of the afternoon, watched TV and chatted. Adam set up his little area in the room:) cute/silly boy.
Adam went home around 8pm to be with Campbell. I cried when he left but did my best through the night and only got anxious and sad once. It was late…11:15, I knew Adam was sleeping and wanted him to stay that way. So, I text the two people I knew might be awake, my sister {and brother-in-law} to see if they were awake. I got a call two seconds later form my sister. This call lasted an hour and 25 minutes, might be a new record for us. We talked about everything, while getting a little entertainment from Tyler in the background. :) 

I slept for an hour and half. Woke up with serious heart burn and indigestion, {never felt it like this before}so I turned on a movie at 4am and watched hoping it would put me back to sleep, it didn’t. My nurse and tech came in at five ‘til 6am and took my vitals and checked on me. Tracey, my night nurse, ran and got me Mylanta for the heart burn, and said I should have called the second I got it. I didn’t want to do that. I feel bad paging them for something so silly. But I am going to start taking it before I go to bed.

Here are stats from yesterday and this morning:

Friday at 9:20p – BP 121/65 – still in a good range, but high for me. Can totally tell I’m stressed and anxious.

Saturday 6am- BP 110/65

Saturday 8:25am – 117/56

Saturday 9:05am – Dr. Young stopped in to check in on me

{these stats are mainly for meJ to remember when I look back on all this}

That’s it for now. I’m dressed and ready for Game day Saturday. Ohio State shirt and yoga pants!





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  1. Hey, Brittany! I'm sorry you are in the hospital, but I'm glad you're where you can just be waited on! Hmmmmm . . . just think of it as room service, right?!!? You still look just BEAUTIFUL, love the picture in your Buckeye shirt! Saying lots of prayers for you and all your boys, and I'm so excited for you. I'm sending love and hugs your way!!

    Take care, my goddaughter!!
    Aunt Linda