26 August 2013

{ our weekend }

This weekend was spent nesting and doing lots of baby stuff. First we decided to go through all the boys clothes {since, yes, I received another shipment of clothes. Its all I can do on rest} and do inventory. We might end up needing a few things here and there, but that will all depend on when they come and their size.
Next we decided to put the bases to the car seats in my car and get them nice and locked in. Then practiced putting the seats in and out. Here are a few shots from that project....


every time I see these two car seats together, I get so giddy! Actually everything in twos gets me giddy. We put together our pack and play this week too and it just melts my heart to think of them both sleeping in this.
Then our Solly Baby Wraps arrived and we practiced putting these on. I've researched and researched wraps and through all of my mommas advice, we went with these, and they are amazing. The owner has two great tutorials online and from what I'm told she answers all questions you send in via e-mail.
Then we did a lot of laying around as I haven't felt very good, pain and sinus wise. Hubbs did wash both of our cars and while he did that, I decorated the mantel for football season since it starts NEXT WEEKEND! We are a divided house school wise, but our teams never play each other, so we pull for each other's teams too. Which makes for happier Saturdays:)

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