30 August 2013

31 Weeks {hospital bed rest}

How far along: 31 weeks, 3 days
Weight gain/loss: +24 lbs. to 160
Maternity clothes: This is the same as last week… I’ve spent the majority of the week in my maternity sweat shorts and tanks. Trying to be as comfortable as possible.
Sleep: good and bad, except for last night
Best moment this week: At out Peri appointment on Thursday, we learned the boys are both over 4 pounds!!!

Food cravings: Still loving fruit, lemonade, peanut butter/ honey/banana sammies, and milk.
Food aversions: none.
Movement: Lots of movement.

Gender: MY BOYS!
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, really uncomfortable, congested, and a few headaches. My Peri put me back on Sudafed to clear my sinuses and ears, which he thinks will help the headaches.

Miss anything: My house and dog
Looking forward to: The end of September {see below}


 Baby/Momma Update:

  Baby update
 I had a OB appointment on Tuesday and both babies heart rates were great!

Then we had a Peri appointment on Thursday and learned the boys are still sharing great and are each over 4 pounds.


HR: 138
4 pounds 2 ounces
51st percentile


HR: 151
4 pounds 3 ounces
57th percentile.

They are doing so well, which makes my heart swell and know that the below is all for them and for their protection....

 Momma update

This has been a rough week for this Momma, real rough. Tuesday I went in for my weekly OB appointment and we went through the usual run down, and when we got to symptoms, I had a few extras: swollen/sore hands, and a headache that had lasted 3 days. My OB told me to go home and take Tylenol, not just to make me feel better but to test my body. If the headaches went away with Tylenol, then they were benign, caused by something every day. If they did not go away, it could be the start of preeclampsia. I freaked out. Even though my blood pressure was 116/68 there is a type of preeclampsia that presents itself with other symptoms other than high blood pressure.

I of course went home, took Tylenol and it didn’t work. But I did notice I only had really bad headaches when I laid down and my sinuses got stuffy. So I told myself, I would just talk to my Peri about it on Thursday.

Thursday: we went to see Dr. Kalter and I was an anxious mess. He was going to tell us exactly what the plan was for the littles and what date they would take them. I was hot, dizzy, sweaty, and nauseas. A half way there, panic attack. They did all the boys measurements and fluids, all looked great. Then it was time to measure my cervix, and Dr. Kalter said, “remember we want it above a 2.5.” The cursor on the screen started to measure and my heart dropped when it stopped at a 2.3. A big decision now had to be made. My previa was now 3cm away, which was great.

Dr. Kalter left the room to think about what his decision was going to be for the future of the remainder of this pregnancy. He came back in after a few minutes, and told me he could probably keep me at home, but something keeps telling him that the hospital is best. Tears welled up in my eyes. And then he said and I am pushing surgery back 2 weeks, to the 36th week. I looked at him and the only thing I could say was “so I’ll be in the hospital for a whole month?” and he just nodded. He said with identical twins he would feel better with me and the babies being monitored at all times due to my cervix, previa and my latest symptoms. {he thinks the headaches are just sinuses, but the hand swelling and dizziness, makes him nervous}

He then said he would admit me the next morning, after my request for one more night in my bed with hubbs and Campbell. Him and my OB spoke about the plan and my OB called to tell me I would be admitted at 8am Friday morning.

I’ll blog more on our first day here tomorrow.


  1. I'm not sure how I stumbled across your blog. I just wanted to say I admire you for how strong you are! I know bed rest is no fun, but I can't imagine having to do it for that long in the hospital. You are truly amazing!

  2. Brittany - I'm sending lots of prayers and good thoughts your way. This must be so difficult for you but it will all be worth it when you're holding healthy Greer and Grayson in your arms. Hang in there!

    Lots of love - Maureen Locke