01 May 2013

My past 13 weeks - Part 2

Our first appointment .  .  .
Our first appointment was at 7 weeks. I was terrified to say the very least. I knew going into this appointment exactly what to expect, if the doctor pushed my due date back two weeks, I would know what that now meant too. I cried and cried for an hour before my appointment.
*Rewind to the week before... I woke up one morning and told A that I had a dream we were having twins. He looked at me and replied "don't ever say that again" ha! *
We went to our appointment with me almost trembling. We saw the new NP at the office, and I loved her. We went over tons of information, most of the things I knew from before, but she added a few things here and there.
Then came time for my ultrasound. I think I had prepared myself for everything. Baby measuring small, no heartbeat, no baby, etc.... It wasn't until my tech, Monique, put the paddle on my belly did I realize in fact, I hadn't prepared myself for everything. I saw 2 little circles on the screen and started laughing. Adam flipped his head to me and whispered "what are you laughing at" and then Monique started laughing, and after A asked a few more times what we were laughing at, Monique said " I see two babies." Adams elbows immediately went to his knees and he held his head in his hands. Smiling, but in shock.
Both babies measured perfectly and had great heart beats. Stats were as follows:
Baby A:  HR :128 :: 6w 6d
Baby B: HR: 128 :: 6w 5d
it's normal for the babies to be a few days off from me and each other since there are two of them. We also learned our babies are in the same "house" but they have different "rooms." So since they are in the same house, they are identical twins, even more fun!
A few fun facts about identical twins:
-they are not hereditary, this type does not "run in families"
-identical twins are a scientific phenomenon
-they are either both boys or both girls (can't be one of each)
-since they started out as one baby and then became two, they share the same DNA, but have different fingerprints.
-There are three types of identical twins, my type is the least risky of the three but we are still very high risk.
-the odds of having identical twins are 3 in 1000
We left this appointment SO excited, I think we were still in shock, but the more we talked about it the more excited we got!

That picture above is exactly what I saw and started laughing at.
After a few days, we got over the initial shock and fear, and couldn't stop smiling about getting two babies at one time. We are so thankful.
tomorrow I will fill you in on how I've been feeling and our trip to the high risk doctor....
see you tomorrow for part three!

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