04 January 2013

Friday's Letters

friday’s letters

Adam :: Thank you for being the "editor" of my blog. This place would be a disaster without your grammatical expertise. I am so excited for a new year and to see what 2013 holds for us. Thank you for being my rock in 2012. I love you.

Kara + Ty :: we had so much fun with you all when you were home. Especially the bowl game. I hope you are getting back to NJ safe and that 2013 shapes up to be great for you both. Don't forget to watch out for poo.

Convenience/Checklane :: you my friend are a BEAST. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in you, I'm not sure what I am doing or who I am. But we will get through this, and you will be great. Be a little nicer, okay?

Mammaw :: I am so excited you love your iPad and  you are a PRO at using it. I love getting iMessages from you on my phone. You are so hip!

Florida State Football :: Thank you for pulling off a win Tuesday. It was messy, but it's a W. That's more than those silly Gators can say:)

Gator friends :: (see above) I still love you:)

Happy Friday chickens!

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