11 January 2013

Friday's Letters

Adam - - Congratulations on the NHL lockout being over!!!! I am so excited for you and your team and I know you are to. Your constant positive attitude and optimism kept my anxiety about this lockout at bay. I am so excited for our weekend full of mini-dates to include a beach day, dinner and movie night! I promise I will be out of my funk soon, sometimes I have a hard time balancing my personal self and work self. thank you for all your understanding and support, i love you to the moon.
Mr. Jeff Vinik - - thank you, thank you, thank you for being a wonderful person and businessman. From a spouse(who's a worrier) of one of your employees, knowing you weren't letting anyone go, or cutting any one's pay during this lockout made for a worry-free holiday and home life. Not only did you not do the above, you also gave your employees two and half weeks off during the holidays to enjoy their families. I can't describe how great it feels to have an owner that is a family man and knows the value of family. One more thing for your letter, when your team wasn't playing or making you money at the end of last year you STILL continued to donate millions of dollars to the Tampa Bay community. You, sir, are an amazing human being.
Lesley (&Jeff) - - Congratulations on the arrival of Rowan Thomas. He is beautiful and looks like he came out smiling. You two are going to be amazing parents and Rowan is one lucky little boy.
Texas - - I am very excited to visit you next weekend, word on the street is you are going to be quite cold. I'm packing all my cute winter clothes I haven't worn yet. EEEEK!!!
Weather  - - thank you for being so beautiful lately, can't wait to experience you for more than just 5 minutes when I walk the dog.
Convenience/Checklane show - - per my letter last week, you are not playing nice. You have been owning me all week, BUT the tables have turned my friend. I'm all caught up on you and plan to own you next week and the week after.
iPad mini - - you are for certain my new favorite toy. you are perfectly sized and i can't wait to take you on your first travel next weekend!
30th birthday - - you are 114 days away. I will be kicking and screaming my way to you, but being in my favorite city for this milestone, will make you one to remember!
happy friday chickens
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  1. Hi! Saw your link-up and wanted to say hi! I know what you mean about lockouts- I work in the NFL and had to deal with that a couple seasons ago- def can be stressful, SO YAY for the NFL coming to terms!

    Have a great Friday :)

  2. Saw you on the link up. Its funny how we both linked up to the same sites this week. My husband will be 20 in a few months. I'm planning a surprise party for him. I think I'm more excited about it too!

  3. Your 30th is the best party, because your old enough to organise and pay for it yourself it can be as awesome as you want :) I hired a bus and did a wine tour with friends for mine, was heaps of fun!

  4. Hey! I love reading your blog and I gave you a Liebster Award http://mandaloves.wordpress.com/2013/01/10/my-first-blog-award-liebster/

  5. Hello, I'm stopping by from The Sweet Season. You're 30th will be a blast, don't worry. You will feel like a new woman. Have fun in TX.