16 January 2013

In My Kitchen: Breakfast Burritos

breakfast burritos

Hey Hey! Here is my recipe for my thrown together breakfast burritos...enjoy!
Here is what you will need:
8-10 slice of bacon (however your pack comes)
1 onion (yellow or sweet)
1 red bell pepper
4 cups of baby spinach
10 eggs
1 can black beans (drained and rinsed)
mexican or Monterrey jack cheese (shredded)
burrito tortillas ( i use whole wheat, but whatever will do)
salsa for topping
first - i slice my bacon up into little pieces and cook them like that. That way they get nice and crunchy and blend into every thing better. 
After my bacon is nice and crispy, I use a slotted spoon to drain the bacon out and set the pieces on a paper towel on a place to let the excess grease soak put. ( i also dump the remaining grease in the pan)
Next - - i chop up my onion and bell pepper into small dice
Then toss those into the pan until onion cooks translucent or clear.
Once those are cooked, toss in all the baby spinach and cook until wilted down
I missed a picture of the eggs, but with 10 eggs I use 4 whole eggs and 6 egg whites only. I add a touch of milk and salt and pepper, then scramble. Add to the veggies.
Once the eggs have cooked through, add in 1 can of black beans (that have been drained and rinsed)
and the bacon bits and mix in.
Then start your assembly line.. tortillas, cheese and egg/veggie mix.
 add about 3 big kitchen spoon fulls of egg/veggie mixture and sprinkle with desired amount of cheese.
Then fold your burrito and viola!!!!
I wrap each burrito in plastic wrap and pop 3 in a big freezer bag.
I also make little salsa containers for hubby to take to work with him.
You should only need to pop these into the micro for a minute or so if frozen.
Again, this is the first time I've written this down so I am sort of typing off memory and trying my best to remember it all.

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  1. Kristen MarketteFebruary 04, 2013

    How are those after freezing? Do they keep well?