13 January 2013

Weekend Round Up

Happy Sunday y'all!
We had a busy day yesterday! We decided to do a 24 hour date, since Adam had to work today and I decided to work also since my show is next weekend.
Friday night we went out to dinner to a local spot. Saturday morning was a beautiful 79 degrees, so we drove to Pass-A-Grille Beach, its out favorite spot. We started with breakfast by the beach, then took our chairs, beach blanket and umbrella down to the beach for some time in the sun and good dose of Vitamin D. One of my friends also happen to be there and plopped down next to us (neither of us knowing the other one was there). We caught up a bit, met each others husbands, and I got to watch her cuties play in the water. As we left we stopped by the ice cream shop and got some mango shaved ice to go:)
Then last night we went to see Zero Dark Thirty, it was a really good movie. I'm not one for torture ( i don't care who it is or what they've done) so the first half an hour i had to turn my head, but all in all the movie was good. GIRL POWER! Takes a woman's brain and intuition to get stuff done around here:)
Our movie theater serves full of dinner and is 21 and up so they can serve alcohol. Needed a little champagne before the movie.
here are some pics from the weekend . . .

This morning I made my weekend trip to Whole Foods while hubby went into work.. Grabbed my muffin, and coffee and go to shopping! I am doing another post today titled, In My Kitchen describing what will be happening there today and all week. . . .
see you in a bit

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