25 January 2013

Friday's Letters

Texas - - well, i thought you were supposed to be cold this week, but you haven't been. You've been beautiful but not puffer vest and coat cold as i had originally planned for.
adam - - I miss you. The first show of the year is always the hardest. I think I am excited to get back into my routine, work and see my friends but I immediately get homesick. Can't wait to see you on Sunday... beach next weekend? p.s. please don't read the next letter:)
online shopping - - you have resumed, and I couldn't be happier! I have some super fun things for the house arriving next week. Can't wait to hear the mailman and UPS man pull up out front!
kristen - - you did such a great job on this show. training you was so much fun, and a learning experience for me. I started to see the full evolution of a scheduler while training you and my "I get it" moment is on the horizon, i think:) Remember it took me this long, it will take some time to fully understand this role, but you will, and you will be an amazing scheduler!

Charlie - -I thought about you a few times this week at the show. I heard two separate conversations on how our shows are the best thing around, and no one does it like us. One conversation on the bus to off site and one of the bus ride home. All manufacturers talking to each other. I just sat there and smiled as I eves dropped on their conversation. I also thought about how proud you probably are of Swiz right now. She's doing an amazing job!

anxiety/panic disorder - - I am trying to keep you at bay. I've given you 20+ years, can you move on?

happy friday everyone!
have a great weekend!

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  1. Nothing better than packages coming in the mail! I hopped over from Friday's Letters and love the blog! Hope you'll stop by and say hi!

  2. you're the sweetest and thank you so much for all your help . it's been fun working with you on all my shows!! you're like the "big" I never had :-) oh and we can do this . few more weeks and we cab breathe again!

  3. anxiety/panic disorder sisters for life! It is a very minute part of a wonderful life! <3