23 January 2013

Traveling with Toiletries

If you have traveled in the last decade, you are no stranger to this sign. This sign and "rule" is the reason I NEVER carry on. I can not for the life of me, fit my entire bathroom/grooming/primping needs into a Ziploc bag. I am a total, and confessed, product snob. I have to have my brands of products not always the ones that come in a travel size bottle. Not to mention, I think about three things fit into a Ziploc bag and I need all of my stuff.
I blame part of this "problem" on being a little homesick and wanting my "home" for that week to look like my real home. I want to walk into my shower at night and bathroom counter in the morning and see my stuff, my everyday stuff.
So, here is what I bring with me on almost every trip:

now, this isn't all I typically bring, some things very from trip to trip. But this all fit in my trusty toiletry bag and it all works for me! Below I have a breakdown of what I actually bring.
First, we have the most important, dental:
your typical stuff: floss, gum floss, toothpaste and a travel tooth brush.
Next: my miniature first aid kit, specialized for me:
this one varies a lot, depending on where I am going.
1. I have a sinus problem and changing climates really irritates it, so Claritin and Afrin go everywhere with me.
2.Sinus issue can sometimes (and does mostly) turn into a full on sinus infection, which leads to a sore throat, hence cough drops (Burts Bee's honey are my fave)
2. Band-Aid stick for my feet. I love new shoes, I know, no shocker there. But any new shoe always gives me problems, this stuff is pretty good at defending against blisters.
4. Neosporin and Curex band-aids (only) I have an allergy to band-aid adhesive. So use gauze and tape where I can but nothing screams nerd! like tape and gauze. So I use Curex band aids on the road since they are made for sensitive skin.
5. Tylenol=given. But I now only take Tylenol since I leaned my beloved Aleve isn't the best pain reliever for as much as I was taking it, whoops!
6. Dramamine - i take this on the airplane in the case of turbulence. I don't really get motion sick but sometimes the multiple attempts of landing can take my sensitive stomach for a ride.
Then we have shower/hair:
These guys stay constant.
1. My Kevin Murphy leave-in conditioner. With blond hair this is a given!
2. Kevin Murphy Resort Spray - this shit is the bomb!!! (Mammaw sorry for my swear) This stuff smells amazing, and it usually used to make your hair beachy wavy as a leave in. But it also refreshes you hair. So those nights I just don't feel like washing my hair, I spray a little of this gem in and it smells like I just walked out of the shower.
3. #2 leads me here, Oscar Blandi dry shampoo, this stuff is also awesome! It makes me LOOK like I washed my hair.
4. a little bottle of hairspray. Not a huge hairspray fan, but sometimes those other climates can make my hair staticy so this tames it.
6. Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner, its just my fave!
7. Kevin Murphy Maxi wash- this shampoo I use every other wash to detoxify my hair, its amazing!
(WOW! that was a huge Kevin Murphy plug)
Next: Face
pretty self explanatory:
i always bring my Clarisonic with me, nothing makes my face feel cleaner. And I am a huge fan of Olay products. I have super sensitive skin and their formula is gentle enough and still gets the job done.
Then: Removal
I call this the removal section because it aids in removing the following:
eye make up, water in my ear, nail polish, dry skin and stink:)
Deborah Lippman - Stripper Go-Go are little mini polish remover
Kiehls Creme de Corps body cream=amazing
Arm and Hammer deodorant: my brother got me using deodorant only, not anti-perspiring. I stopped sweating as much and now I don't have aluminum sitting on my skin all day.
And I love Neutrogena's eye makeup remover, I haven't found anything better.
Lastly: Miscellany 
this section changes the most, on how I feel and my mood.
1. lint roller - always comes
2. Neutrogena self tanner - people don't always believe I'm from Florida, especially when I don't have time to be out in the sun, so this helps hide my marshmallow skin.
2. Michael Kors Leg Shine - If I am wearing short, skirts or a dress, this just gives the stumps an extra sheen.
4. Philosophy Present - I wear this under my makeup everyday
4. Perfume - this changes depending on my mood or what I am wearing these days
5. Badger Balm - for sore muscles, whether its from walking around or standing a lot or if I decide to get up with the crazies at 5am and work out.
6. Head bands, clips and hair ties, for working out or washing face.
here is the bag I use my Two Loops: its the best travel item I've ever owned!
What are your favorite products to travel with? Are you like me and just cant stand to leave half of your stuff home and settle for mini's that aren't your typical product?
happy traveling!

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