18 January 2013

Friday's Letters

hubby - - thank you so much for putting up with my grouchy self recently. another huge thank you for helping me with work when I needed it. You are simply the best! I will miss you very much next week and wish you were flying out to TX too. But I am very excited for your season to start! I also am looking very much forward to opening night tomorrow! GO BOLTS!

campbell - - what are you going to do without me next week? sit in my office by yourself? that's sad. We haven't been a part for this long since the summer. I think I'll probably come home to a few shoes scattered across my closet when I get home. That's usually what I get when I say gone for more than 5 days. But I love you anyway sweet girl. you make the house feel not so lonely during the day.

Tampa Bay Lightning - - Welcome back boys! I am very excited to be attending opening night tomorrow night. With a sold out crowd I hope you realize how much you were missed. Please start off this shortened season with a "W".

Texas - - I am very excited to be visiting you again. You are always a great time, and full of great weather. (when I'm there) This week is planning out to be just that. High 60's? I'll take it! See you Sunday!

Convenience and Checklane - - 2 words: be kind.

Mammaw -- so glad your surgery went well this week and you can now suntan in short sleeves:) Why didn't I get your skin? you get a tan quick and hold it. As a matter of fact, why didn't I get a lot of your traits? You calm demeanor, your sweet soul and your overly loving heart. You are a gem and i love you.

To a special friend - - I'm also glad your surgery went well this week. I've thought about you all week and kept you close to my heart. I know that if anyone can get through this its you. Go girl!

Happy Friday chickens!
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  1. Ouuuu have fun in your trip to Texas!! I hope you have a blast! I'm also glad to hear Mammaw surgery went well. Have an amazing weekend hun <3

    1. thank you sweet Yesi! have a great weekend!

  2. Sweet letter to your mammaw. Enjoy your Texas trip, been to Houston 6 times in the past year...so much fun.

  3. I really adore men who have the patience to put up with all the women's grouchiness. LOL. Happy weekend! :) New follower from Friday's Letters:)