01 November 2012


Hello there:)

Welcome to The Nest The Laws Built! I started this blog back in June, had a handful of posts, but never made it public, it was only viewed by a few family members and a couple of friends. This year has been a roller coaster for the Laws family, but being that its November, a month of Thankfulness, I decided to start the blog back, make it public and share my life with family, friends, and complete strangers, because I am so thankful for where I am today and who I have around me.
I am so thankful for where I am in life now. I had a friend post the other day wondering whether or not her 18 year old self would be satisfied with her 28 year old self. When I read that I thought, my 18 year old self would be over the moon excited to be 28 (now 29) and be where I am. In fact knowing what 29 would hold for her, there might be some things she disregards along the way knowing the outcome of her next 10 years. (another post on that later)
This blog will be a journal to me, and will document my life journeys. It will start with where I am today, a 29 year old looking back on my twenties and embracing the person I was from 20-29 but finding who I really want to be in my 30's.

Thank you for stopping by The Nest The Laws Built, I look forward to sharing with you!


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