01 November 2012

Thankful: Day 1


  1. Pleased and relieved: "they were thankful that the war was finally over"; "I was very thankful to be alive".
  2. Expressing gratitude and relief: "a thankful prayer".
 I've spent a lot of time soul searching this year and trying to find the 30 year old self I want to be, come May. I have learned along the way just how blessed I truly am, despite the "bad days", "bad weeks" and "bad months" I have.
Last year I joined in on "30 Days To Be Thankful" on Facebook. Everyday in November, my status was something I was thankful for. When one of my closest girlfriends reached out to me and told me to start blogging again, I figured this would be a good time and place to start!

I will start each post in the month of November with 'Today I am thankful for..." regardless if it relates to the post or not! Feel free to do the same!

Today I am thankful for the opening of our new Whole Foods!I was driving 30 minutes to the nearest one every week. I am completely obsessed with this place. I've been to about 8 or 9 Wholes Foods around the country including Seattle, Chicago, and Austin. The idea around Whole Foods makes my healthy living inner goddess, dance on tables the sun!
Just this year, I was brought to reality on whole/clean eating. It has changed my life. More on my healthy living journey later, today I want to celebreate our new Whole Foods! Welcome to the neighborhood!


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