30 November 2012

Fridays Letters

 *Linking up with Ashley for Fridays Letters
Adam :: You rocked my world this week (minds out of the gutter please readers) when you not only got me another DVR for upstairs from Directv but also Directv On Demand, you just made my year! Have a great time on your trip *wink* So excited for us both to be home next week and start our 25 days of Christmas! You're going to so sick on red, green, fake snow, Christmas music (actually this isn't possible) lights, movies and Santa! Actually I hope you're not sick of it, but you might kill me with all the fun I have in store! I love you, to the moon.
International HBC Show :: no tricks up your sleeve please:) smooth sailing for a first timer?! please and thank you!
Christmas Cards :: get ready! You're the first thing I am going to do when I get home next week, we have lots of stuffing, sealing and stamping to do!
Dear NHL/Players :: Please come to an agreement. This is no fun, I need my shopping privileges back and fast!
Weather :: You're gorgeous, but can you drop the temp just a little, I need to be wearing flannel pajamas for Christmas!
Michael Buble :: Thank you for your lovely serenade everyday while I work. Besos!
SNL :: I loved your Christmas edition Wednesday night. HOWEVER, the one skit I was looking forward to, you not only played last, but cut off the best parts. I hope to little baby Jesus that you replay that skit sometime this season. Mary Catherine Gallagher just isn't the same without stepping in front of Whitney Houston to lip sync Little Drummer Boy.
Happy Friday chickens!

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