01 November 2012

A Little About Me


I believe knowing who you are following on a blog makes it a whole lot easier to interpret each post and the blog as a whole. So here is a little about me and what you will find on this blog:

*I am a wife, sister, daughter, friend, co-worker and in-law to a great group of people.
*I love fashion, it sometimes consumes me:) I could spend hours on fashion blogs, lost in magazines and wandering clothing stores.
*I love to cook, and I love food.
*I love to talk, and I am, for the most part, an open book, which you will quickly learn reading this blog.
* I have anxiety, bad anxiety and panic disorder.
*I exercise but I don't always love it, I do however love how I feel about myself afterward.
*I absolutely love to TRAVEL!!! My job entails travel, and I don't mind it one bit. There is something so freeing and so much self discovery in travel.
*I am a perfectionist
* I love to organize
*I love family, and I have 2 great sets of family, both mine and my husbands. I hope to one day add to both our families
*I recently discovered I love to read. There is nothing like getting lost in a book/story.
*I love television. Yes, I know, bad "love" but I am part of a TV generation. I've learned to relate to people or characters on TV. I am pretty sure I was an actress or singer in my past life :)
* I love music, and I love to sing, but I'm not good at it. (see above)
* I love animals! I have a sweet little pocket Puggle named Campbell. There is nothing like coming home and getting unconditional love from a creature who thinks you are the bees knees.
* I love holidays. Any holiday. Except Halloween (thank God that ended yesterday) it freaks me out, always has.
*I have a potty mouth but I love the Lord, and ask for forgiveness everyday:)
*I love a big city. I am sure I was put on this planet to live in one, but never have, Maybe someday I will get there!

I plan to add to this list as I think of more likes/don't likes.

This is a lifestyle blog. I will post everything from fashion, and recipes to family, and personal stories. I travel for work and pleasure, so you will get a little dose of my travels as well!

Starting off the month of November, I plan to do "30 Days of Being Thankful". I did this on Facebook last year, so I want to try it on my blog this year. I might not be able to post everyday but I will header each post with what I am thankful each day weather it relates to that days post or not.

That's what I have for now on me. Hope you'll stick around so we can get to know each other better in the blog world!


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  1. = ) I'm glad that you shared that you have a panic-disorder and that you're a Christian. I think those are two really hard things to share together.

    I find it interesting that you love to travel and you love big cities. I find that my panic-disorder makes both of those things very miserable for me. I do love exploring my beloved Michigan though <3